EMSA Associate Membership

The Emissaries (SA) Inc's Mission is to inspire humanity to be motivated by love, truth and respect, creating an empowered, sustainable future for all.

Did you realise that The Emissaries (SA) Inc. operates Riverdell Spiritual Centre? The Emissaries (EMSA) is a Not-For-Profit, incorporated entity working with a spiritual intention on the grounds at Riverdell since 1979!

Last year, the EMSA board of Directors invested a great deal of time articulating the purpose and vision of our organisation, including that of the Riverdell Spiritual Centre. We hope they resonate with you too.


The Emissaries (SA) Inc.’s mission is to inspire humanity to be motivated by love, truth, and respect, creating an empowered and sustainable future for all.’
‘Riverdell Spiritual Centre inspires personal growth and leadership by running life-enhancing programs that awaken consciousness.’


We are incredibly proud that EMSA is a member-based organisation. No one owns it. It’s not done for profit and belongs to everyone. That said, without Members, there can be no Riverdell.


So, if our Mission resonates with you, and you would like to contribute in your unique voice to a world inspired by Love, Truth and Repsect, please consider Associate Membership as a way of supporting our desire for an empowered and sustainable future for all. Click the button above, or THIS LINK and begin to slow-down, reflect and renew.


Just a $50 annual subscription will assist us to continue sharing what we have been offering for over 40 years.


With Loving-Kindness,


The Board of Directors

The Emissaries (SA) Inc.