Yoga Teacher Training

Authentic. Experienced.

With 30 years combined experience practicing, teaching and studying Yoga, Wild Self Yoga and Riverdell have collaborated to offer a course like no other.

In this Yoga Teacher Training being held from the 12th of August to the 1st September, we go above and beyond the minimum 200hr requirements, curating an experience that is holistic, detailed and empowering all at once. Combining the traditional methods of yoga with updated research and knowledge, our syllabus is designed to expose students to the real essence of yoga.

With a 18 student maximum, we ensure that each student experiences individual attention & extensive practice teaching time, whilst learning to integrate daily practices and share the teachings in a safe & authentic manner.

This one of a kind Yoga Teacher Training includes 20 hours of pre-course study and a 3-week intensive with all meals, accommodation and course teaching included.   

​Enrich Your Practice

This course is open to students of all levels, though we generally require a minimum of one years practice prior to enrolment. We invite not only to those who wish to become certified yoga teachers, but any aspiring yogi wishing to extensively enrich their personal practice and more fully integrate yoga into their own lives.

If you wish to teach, this course is your gateway into a new life-changing career. Students will come away confident to teach safe and authentic Yoga, equipped with practical tools and knowledge to share classes, workshops and retreats. Internationally certified with Yoga Alliance, trainee’s will be able to teach anywhere in the world.

For those who are not necessarily looking to teach professionally, you will find in this course a transformative journey of self-inquiry and enhanced self-awareness. A unique opportunity to fully immerse in Yoga and learn new tools to move forward in your life with renewed confidence and awareness.

For all students the training is a chance to spend time with like-minded people, deepen your own practice, enhance your personal awareness and learn from experienced teachers committed to supporting you on your journey.

Yoga is a lifelong journey, and you have been lead here from a calling deep within to take the next step on this path of self knowledge.


If you intuitively feel this training might be right for you, please feel free to reach out with any questions or enquiries and we’ll be happy to help. If you would prefer to speak to someone, we’re always up for a chat!

Meet The Team

Meliesha Platt
RYT 500
Meliesha has an authentic, non-judgemental teaching style. She teaches from the heart and from personal experience. Encouraging personal growth and self-awareness for her students both on and off the mat. Traveling for over 10 years and teaching all over the world has given Meliesha many different perspectives access to many cultural experiences, this makes her teaching style very inclusive and adaptable. She has been blessed with many wonderful teachers over the years and the tools of Yoga have helped her transform her life, gain clarity and reach a calm and productive state of being. She can’t wait to share these wonderful tools with you! Meliesha has completed the following courses: -200 Hour Hatha/Vinyasa training Mahi Yoga -200 Hour Heart of Yoga Krishnamacharya Yoga - Laughter Yoga Certification - Certificate in Mental Health and Addiction - Massey University - ParaYoga Tantra Shakti Course - ZenThai Shiatsu Practitioner Certification
RYT 500
Aasha is a passionate and dedicated yoga educator whose journey into the world of holistic well-being began in the heart of a home steeped in the rich traditions of yoga and Sufism. At an early age Aasha embarked on an exploration to deepen her understanding of herself and life on Earth through the practices and philosophies of many different traditions. From age 18 she spent two years working at Ashram Yoga in New Zealand fully immersed in all elements of living a yogic lifestyle and sharing the huge support these techniques and teachings offered on her own journey. At this time she also began her studies in a blend of Somatic body therapies. Over the last 15 years her educational pursuits led her to explore diverse realms, from Yoga studies at Yoga point in Nasik, India to Celtic Shamanism, herb-lore and Sound medicine in the Celtic Isles and a variety of body therapies from many traditions with a focus on the somatic support, understanding and healing of trauma both personal and generational. Her approach to yoga extends beyond the physical postures, encompassing a holistic understanding of mind, body and spirit. As a seasoned practitioner and teacher, Aasha strives to make yoga accessible to everyone, recognizing its potential to bring about transformation and healing. Through her classes she endeavors to empower individuals to embark on their unique paths toward well-being, self-discovery, and spiritual growth. With a heart-centered approach and a deep commitment to the ancient traditions that have shaped her life, she weaves together the threads of her diverse background to create a tapestry of teachings that resonate with students seeking a holistic and transformative yoga experience.


Based around a practical curriculum that approaches yoga systematically, we believe in creating strong foundations for teaching safely and authentically. Drawing from traditional yogic practices, we will be exploring yoga as a holistic approach – combining traditional teachings with modern science.

It is important to note that our approach is traditional, but appropriated to modern times. We don’t follow any specific ‘style’ or single lineage of Yoga. Instead coming from a holistic and applied approach, working with different elements from various teachings. We will cover mainly Hatha & Vinyasa approaches. We delve deep into ancient texts and practices, interpreting and relating them to everyday life.

What You'll Learn


  • Traditional yoga asanas and modern variations
  • Asana clinic: Alignment, adjustments & modifications
  • Asana labs: Breakdown of asana groups – Backbends, forward bends, twists, inversions, arm balances, salute to the sun – the physical & energetic aspects of each asana
  • Pranayama workshops: Techniques & benefits
  • Meditation: Active & passive techniques, philosophy & methodology
  • Savasana lab
  • Daily practice teaching
  • Yoga Nidra: Practice & theory
  • Shatkarma: Cleansing practices
  • Mudras
  • Bandhas
  • Developing a sadhana (personal practice)


  • Pre- course 20 hour online with David Keil (included in price)
  • Anatomy of the breath
  • Energetic anatomy: Chakras, Nadis & the Koshas

Philosophy & Lifestyle​​

  • History of Yoga
  • Styles of Yoga
  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The Eight limbs of Yoga
  • Taking yoga off the mat
  • Ayurveda: Theory, self care & nutrition

Teaching Methodology​

  • The four tools of teaching
  • Sequencing methodology and safety when teaching
  • Lead up to teaching your own unique 60 minute class
  • Learning Sanskrit
  • Learn to teach pranayama, relaxation & meditation
  • Assisting and adjusting mindfully
  • How to teach beginners
  • Business of yoga
  • Introduction to prenatal yoga
  • Introduction to teaching children’s yoga workshop
  • Introduction to Mental health aware yoga
  • Ethics as a yoga teacher


Extra Techniques

  • Mantra Chanting
  • Kirtan
  • Self care evening with ayurveda
  • Evening meditation sessions
  • Employment pathways as a yoga teacher

Sample Schedule

7:00am – 9:00am: Asana, pranayama, meditation

9:00am – 10am: Breakfast

10am – 11:15am: Lecture

11:30am – 12:30pm: Philosophy

​12:30pm – 2pm: Lunch

​2pm – 3:15pm: Teaching Methodology

​3:30pm – 5:00pm: Workshop / Posture Mechanics

​5:30pm – 6:30pm: Dinner

7pm-8pm: Evening Session

How Will I Be Assessed?

Prior to the training there are two assignments to complete and return to us before the training begins. This is to help you become familiar with some of the course content and hit the ground running once the training begins.

​We ask students to keep a written record of their yoga practice before coming to the training (15 hours) – we provide questions to help guide you with this.

​During the training there will be a number of small assignments and tasks designated to each subject. You will sequence mini classes, gaining feedback and confidence along the way.

​During the final week of the course we ask each student to teach a 60 minute class entirely on their own, as well as completing a written theory exam.

Classes in details

Morning Practical:

Morning classes – incorporate asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting and relaxation. These classes are specifically themed and designed around the course content – building upon each day. They are a chance for students to fully immerse in practice.



In this section the topic changes daily. Some of the class examples are, Anatomy and physiology, Chakras and Nadis, Koshas and Vayus, Pranayama workshops, History of yoga, Pre-natal yoga, Kids yoga and business of yoga.


Here we learn all about the deeper aspects of Yoga, and how to bring practice off the mat and into everyday life. We break down the 8 limbs of yoga, discuss their meaning and practical application.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are interpreted and discussed. Including a detailed breakdown of the Yamas and Niyamas – providing guidelines for the yogi to live in greater harmony with the world around them.

We discuss Ayurveda as a lifestyle science, establish students dosha type and discuss what it means for them, how to balance and work with it in everyday life.

Teaching Methodology:

This class gives students the opportunity to build confidence learning to teach bit by bit. We breakdown the four tools of teaching, discuss the different types of cues and how we might apply them in different class settings. We look at what makes a good yoga teacher, how to hold space, sequencing – everything you need to know in order to leave fully confident to teach.


Posture Mechanics:

The afternoon class is where we break down the finer details of each pose. An open style, interactive format allows us to workshop the mechanics of each asana – giving students the opportunity to really get to know each pose, ask questions, and bounce off the different body types in class.


We have meditation sessions on alternating evenings, covering a range of active and passive styles. Here students will learn the philosophy and practical techniques of various meditation methods.

What you will gain

  • 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification
  • Confidence to teach anywhere in the world
  • One on one mentorship throughout the training
  • Skills to improve your lifestyle, health, diet and surroundings
  • Deep understanding and connection to yourself
  • A chance to be supported in a beautiful retreat centre with wholesome delicious food
  • A feeling of purpose and community
  • Ongoing support from teachers
  • The chance for self reflection, to create a healthier you, from the inside out.

Student Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of our program, students will be able to to demonstrate the following


  1. Demonstrate an ability to perform asanas, pranayamas, meditation and shatkarma techniques as taught.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the energetic and physical aspects of asanas, pranayamas, meditations and shatkarmas as taught.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of essential contra-indications and benefits of asanas, pranayamas, meditations and shatkarmas as taught.


  1. Describe each of the eight limbs of yoga.
  2. Identify, describe and demonstrate an understanding of key principles of the yoga sutras.
  3. Describe each Ayurvedic dosha and demonstrate an understanding of the gunas.


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of anatomical terminology, and its relevance as a yoga practitioner.
  2. Describe the 11 systems of the body and how they interrelate, what a sattvic state means for each system, and the yoga practices that contribute to this.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of structure and function of the body, how this can differ from body to body, and what may contribute to these differences.

Art of teaching:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the four tools of teaching yoga.
  2. Construct an effective sequence for a specific style to teach a ninety minute yoga class.
  3. Be able to use a variety of cues and terminology while teaching.
  4. Have a sense of structure, flow, and method while teaching.


  1. ​Teach various styles of Surya Namaskara (Sun salutations)
  2. Teach a sixty minute yoga class.


I just completed my 200hr YTT with Wild Self Yoga and I cannot recommend them enough.
I never expected to feel so supported, nourished, and inspired leaving my YTT. A truely transformative experience.


They’ve kept the syllabus traditional and authentic, while creating an open space that allows one to relate the yogic concepts to a modern life.


Their passion and dedication to providing their students with a space that allowed for retrospection (on and off the mat) was so, so appreciated. Something I really hope to relay to my future students.


Big love guys xxxx – Sonja

I am so glad that I found Wild Self Yoga to be my guide on my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Rose, Nick and Xinia all have such great knowledge to share and each of them brings their own touch to the training making it informative as well as enjoyable.


Having the opportunity to teach many times throughout the training starting off will shorter classes really helped to build my confidence to be able to teach the longer 60 and 90 minutes classes. I also feel confident and ready to teach and share all this knowledge I have gained.


I highly recommend them for anyone considering doing their Yoga Teaching Training. –



Upcoming Course - 12th August to 1st September 2024

Only 45 minutes drive north of Adelaide CBD lies Riverdell Spiritual Centre. Set on 9 acres of land with beautiful gardens, walking paths, and natural surroundings, Riverdell is the perfect place for individuals and groups seeking a quiet place to learn, reflect, relax, and connect with nature. 


We’ll enjoy exclusive use of the entire property. Creating a sense of privacy, but also community, in a tranquil and nourishing atmosphere to facilitate the journey. With limited capacity and small group sizes, there will be plenty of space to absorb and reflect.



Pay in full upon booking to receive $400 off full price!*

The Loft Private House & Queen Bed: $7,800
Private apartment. Queen bed, ensuite and kitchen.

Karrawirra Queen: $6,800
Private room. Queen bed and shared bathroom.

Twin Share Karrawirra: $6,200
Twin shared room. Single bed and shared bathroom.

Twin Share Bunk House: $6,000
Twin shared room. Single bed with shared bathroom.

Bunk bed in Bunk House: $5,800
Shared room with up to four people. Single bed with shared bathroom.

$500 deposit included in rates. Balance payable 30 days prior to arrival.

Interest free payment plans available. T&C’s listed below.


What's Included

  • 20 nights accommodation at Riverdell Spiritual Centre
  • Pre-course online learning modules
  • All meals, snacks and drinks
  • Tuition with three teachers
  • Yoga Alliance certificate
  • A welcome pack
  • Two Manuals
  • Pool
  • Special Guest Facilitators
  • All prices include GST

Accomodation Options

The Loft

If you are looking for your own space during this immersive experience, The Loft is a private self-contained home, which includes a private kitchen, shower, toilet, and queen bed.


Karrawirra is a local Kaurna word, meaning “redgum forest”. The Karrawirra building is a modern three-bedroom self-contained home with undercover parking. The home includes a private kitchen, showers & toilets plus 3 carpeted, comfortable bedrooms, all with air conditioning, heating, natural light & overhead fans. Karrawirra is an accessible building with a ramp and railing in the bathrooms.

Bunk House

The Bunkhouse is a 4-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a fully equipped kitchen that can provide accommodation for up to 12 people in a combination of single and bunk style beds. The home has 2 showers and toilets. There is reverse cycle heating and cooling through the entire home.

In House Chef

We will enjoy a full menu of beautiful vegetarian whole foods during the course.  All food is local & sustainably sourced and organic where possible. We follow a Yogi style menu, blended with contemporary cuisine. Every meal is light, fresh, wholesome and tasty – feeding our bodies and minds with the energy to digest a full training schedule.

The menu is predominately gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free. We happily cater to most dietary requirements, get in touch to find out more.

Payment Terms & Conditions

A refund of 50 % (less deposit) is available if notice of cancellation is given 60 days prior to start date.

If you need to cancel at any point after the cut-off dates, 100% is non-refundable.


We will endeavour to accommodate personal preferences as much as possible, however room configurations and settings do vary and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. All international students are required to take out their own travel insurance covering them for the duration of the training.