Riverdell-Meditation Classes


Meditation is one of the best tools for discovering stillness, restoring balance, gaining clarity and finding peace within. 

People who enjoy a regular meditation practice experience increased calmness and a higher degree of creativity and joy. Whether for spiritual growth, personal development or the sake of your sanity, our classes are designed to be an affordable, accessible, and safe way to venture into the insightful practice of meditation. 


As you deepen your experience of meditation, you may discover that inner peace, serenity and a deeper understanding of who you truly are can be yours.

Riverdell offers regular meditation sessions led by a diverse range of experienced teachers and guides. 


In addittion to the shorter format meditation sessions, Riverdell Spiritual Centre offers longer format workshops and retreats where participants get the chance to experience a collage of mediation styles.  


We would love to share with you this ancient technique that can help you reconnect with your inner joy.

Meditation Classes at Riverdell

Spiritual Meditation with Amanda, Wednesday 930:am – 10:15am

Join our guided meditation sessions, where we take you on a spiritual journey to awaken and deepen your connection with self and spirit. Our sessions will start with gentle energy movement & breath exercises to help you connect and relax into the meditation. From there, you will be guided on a spiritual journey. Each week’s journey will vary, from meeting spirit guides and balancing chakras to manifesting abundance and more!
Whether you are new to meditation, or it is your regular practice, you are very welcome. Never meditated before, not sure how to? Don’t stress, we’ve got you. You will be guided and supported. Meditate daily? Awesome. Come and tap into the group energy to elevate your frequency and expand your consciousness. Everyone is welcome.

Amanda, our Meditation Facilitator, is a Reiki Master & Teacher and has lived and breathed meditation for many years. Amanda’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth began as a curious student of metaphysics and parapsychology, and in more recent years leaned towards meditation, psychic development, and mediumship. With intention to bring healing, balance, rejuvenation, and spiritual guidance to those who seek – we in turn, bring light to our world at a time when it’s needed most.