About Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Riverdell Spiritual Centre is:

  • A workshop and retreat centre in a unique natural setting
  • Home to a community of people committed to self-discovery and personal development
  • Hosting spiritual leaders and educational programs intended to empower the individual
  • A Yoga and Meditation studio that offers a range of wholistic experiences
  • Located on the Adelaide Plains beside the Gawler River and close to the Barossa Valley, only 45 min from the Adelaide CBD
  • Connecting with people locally and around the globe.

At Riverdell Spiritual Centre, we pride ourselves on the atmosphere we provide. Whether here for a workshop, event or retreat, guests experience the love and care this place has been building for over 35 years.


Since 1979, people have been stewarding this property with a spiritual intention and a focus of radiating love into their world.


As one of the oldest continuing intentional spiritual communities in Australia, there has been much positive thought directed toward this land and everything on it. This has soaked in over years and manifested into a feeling that is sensed immediately upon arrival.


The atmosphere at Riverdell Spiritual Centre is refreshing and nourishing for the higher work of awakening, growth and personal development.


We welcome you to share this space where we hope you’ll feel at home.

Meet Our Team

Justin Martin

Position: Business Manager
Phone: 08 8523 1329
Email: justin@riverdell.org.au

Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Justin Martin

Business Manager

Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Cheyne Morris

Position: Holistic Psychotherapy
Phone: 08 8523 1329
Email: cheynemorris@internode.on.net

Cheyne grew up on the east coast of Australia and traveled in her 20’s to Europe and the United Kingdom living abroad for 3 years.

She met the Emissaries in Italy and did a number of their courses living in a spiritual community overseas and then for 10 years in Australia. She developed her academic career gaining a Masters in Social Ecology, an Advanced Diploma in Holistic Psychotherapy as well as an Honours Degree in Botanical and Wildlife Illustration.

Her career focus has been with migrants and refugees and teaching English. She has had her own business as a Counselor and currently works in Canberra with the National Disability Insurance agency.

Cheyne loves to engage with people and preparing food. She believes it is how we prepare the food that makes the difference.

Cheyne Morris

Holistic Psychotherapy

Cheyne grew up on the...

Andrew Horwood

Position: Holistic Medical Doctor
Phone: 08 8523 1329
Email: andrew@horwood.id.au

Dr Andrew Horwood is an holistic medical doctor, workshop presenter, mentor, poet and a leader in the Emissaries of Divine Light in Australia. He’s an accredited Attunement Practitioner and Teacher and also a passionate teacher in Primal Spirituality. Andrew believes that Primal Spirituality is the first spirituality with which we are each born and which children intuitively know well. He believes that reconnecting as adults with this inner spiritual power source we each have opens gateways to leading a fulfilling and contented life.

Andrew says “we can become imprisoned by our limited view of life, unable to see what’s possible. This bondage often appears as feelings of shame, blame, fear or guilt, keeping us paralysed and trapped in our own views. Stress, health & relationship problems, addictive behaviours and what’s been called “an epidemic of meaninglessness” abound. Many turn to doctors or counsellors for cures.

What’s the antidote? Step into the parallel universe of the Primal Spirituality that’s within each of us us. Step into a way of ease & lightness, where the action of Grace is known. Step into joy, purpose and meaning in our lives.

Finding the ways to access this parallel universe may lead to trusting in our Inner Spirit. There are settings and atmospheres that encourage this access. Through deep listening, story-telling, poetry, ritual and learning, it is possible to gain an understanding and respect for the larger design in which your life is nestled- that parallel universe in which the sacred resides. This can evoke a new awakening- awakening the true Being you are, and living your own, unique, inspiring life. What could be more fulfilling?”

He lives in Melbourne with his wife Lyell and enjoys time with his 2 children and 3 grandchildren.

Andrew Horwood

Holistic Medical Doctor

Dr Andrew Horwood is an...

Amanda Schmidt

Position: Marketing Manager
Phone: 08 8523 1329
Email: amanda@riverdell.org.au

Hello and Welcome!

I am the Marketing Manager at Riverdell Spiritual Centre responsible for creating all things marketing and digital for Riverdell and our facilitators. I hold a Bachelor of Business (IT Management) and completed Post Graduate studies in Marketing & Communications. I am a certified Google Advertising Partner and have extensive knowledge in online and digital marketing strategies.

I also hold a Diploma in Metaphysics and Parapsychology, and am a Reiki Master. I enjoy facilitating meditation and energy healing circles along with readings and channelling. Being part of Riverdell is a blessing, I am able to perfectly balance my professional marketing skills within alignment of my soul’s purpose.

My personal interests are very much centred around my family, I am forever grateful to have an amazing husband and three wonderful, spirited young children. We enjoy nature walks, weekends away (although we aren’t campers – learnt that one the hard way!) and spending time with our extended families and friends.

I look forward to connecting with you here at Riverdell.

Amanda Schmidt

Marketing Manager

I am the Marketing Coordinator...

Jasmine Hornby

Position: Events Manager
Phone: 08 8523 1329
Email: jasmine@riverdell.org.au

Hiya I’m Jasmine,

I first started my journey at Riverdell teaching The morning Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga. I now work collaboratively to coordinate the wonderful events in which are facilitated here, whilst teaching a Hatha and Yin yoga class. I teach to not just help the physical but the mental and emotional. I love people leaving my classes feeling recharged and calm. My practice has helped me grow stronger both on and off the mat. Yoga reminds me to live each moment more mindfully.

I love being creative and bringing like minded individuals together. Through workshops, events and retreats.

Riverdell is a place of coming together and sharing the holistic approach to life. I am beyond blessed to work here at Riverdell, connecting with so many inspiring individual’s.

I love yoga of course, big walks, cooking, reading, writing. Anything being creative and expressing myself. Catching up with loved ones and learning more about myself and the world around me.

If you would like to collaborate or come for morning tea please don’t hesitate to email!

I would love to see you on the mat or on our wonderful grounds soon!

Light and Love

Jasmine Hornby

Events Manager

I first started my journey...

Christine Spencer

Position: Attunement
Phone: 08 8523 1329
Email: info@riverdell.org.au

Is a seeker of wisdom, she is dedicated to restoring health and wellbeing to all who come her way and has been a regular presence around Riverdell for the past 20 years.

Christine has been specialising in many years of physical and energetic healing. It is with her inquisitive, free spirit and devotion to her practise, that takes her to find teachers and methods that can enhance her own abilities of providing powerful healing for her clients.

Her unique ability lies in revealing unconscious patterns and blocks that causes disease and dis-harmony. Christine has a natural ability to hold a surrounding space with patience and diligence where she creates an openness to a deep cellular flow which gently restores balance.

Christine Spencer


Is a seeker of wisdom,...

Ruth French

Position: Spiritual Focus
Phone: 08 8523 1329
Email: ruth.french@bigpond.com

Ruth French is a Riverdell resident and Spiritual Focus at the Riverdell Spiritual Centre. Ruth has many years of experience in assisting others to realise their own potential through mentoring and wowrkshops. Ruth is particularly passionate about the Primal Spirituality program that the FSE is based around and spent many years traveling the world growing her experience in spiritual matters. Ruth can be found in the Riverdell Sanctuary every Sunday morning, leading our Sunday Service gathering and on the first Sunday of each month leading and participating in an International Service offerred at Riverdell via the internet. When Ruth is away from Riverdell she enjoys singing, nature walks and maintaining connections through out the community.

Ruth French

Spiritual Focus

Ruth French is a Riverdell...

Jude Fenton

Position: Office Administration
Phone: 08 8523 1329
Email: jude@riverdell.org.au

My name is Jude Fenton and I have been working in the office at Riverdell Spiritual Centre since August 2006

Married for 35 years with two beautiful children and two amazing grandchildren

Born in Gawler I attended the local primary schools and high school. Earlier in my career I served in the Australian Army followed by seven years working as a data processor for the South Australian Police Dept in Adelaide. I enjoyed the challenges associated with these positions.

I spent the next chapter of my life as a stay at home mum and will always be grateful for this time.

Riverdell is a wonderful place to spend time, grow and learn. When I walk onto the property I feel a sense of welcome and belonging. This is what I connect with. Riverdell is also a place where I can be myself and allow all that is great to connect with others.

Life-long friendships have been formed, which I treasure. I love meeting new people and having the opportunity to get to know them in an environment that focusses on what is right with us.

Jude Fenton

Office Administration

My name is Jude Fenton...

History and Philosophy

History and Philosophy

Riverdell Spiritual Centre is part of the global community of spiritual centres founded by The Emissaries of Divine Light . This network, Initiated in 1932 by Lloyd Meeker in the USA, emphasizes living a life of practical spirituality.


In 1977, Paul and Libby Blythe came to Adelaide from Toronto, Canada, with the dream of initiating an Emissary community. The current site, previously the Evanston Gardens Caravan Park, was purchased in July 1979. The block naturally divided into a working tourist park and a 9-acre section nestled against the Gawler River, which became the home of the ‘Hillier Park’ spiritual community.


Over the years, the number of community members has varied, reaching a peak of around 47 in the mid 1980’s. Regular spiritual teaching by both local and overseas presenters deepened the experience of true community for residents, and employment was available in the expanding caravan park.


In 2003, the site was renamed Riverdell Spiritual Centre by The Emissaries (SA) Inc and in recent years Hillier Park has evolved into Hillier Park Residential Village.

Over the past two years, Riverdell Spiritual Centre has entered a new growth phase, providing conference and retreat facilities for small to medium sized groups, as well as broad range of spiritual focused public talks and workshops.


Philosophy of Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Riverdell Spiritual Centre offers space for spiritual development of all kinds. We welcome a variety of practitioners, committed to guiding individuals in the many aspects of personal development of the mind, body and spirit.


With spaces offering moments of personal reflection in a natural setting alongside opportunities to engage in diverse programs that open doorways to new personal growth, Riverdell Spiritual Centre is a place for everyone to feel at home.


At Riverdell Spiritual Centre, we are a community with different views but a shared vision for spiritual fulfillment.