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Sound Bath (Sound Healing Meditation)

by admin

July 17


01:45 pm - 01:45 pm

A deeply soothing and uplifting meditation that will initiate self-healing and activate a new way of being.

Centre within as you are joyfully immersed in an ocean of sound that guides you toward deep relaxation and restoration. Emerge feeling refreshed and renewed, blissfully at peace, connected to yourself and to the moment.

This sonic journey is guided by Gongs, Crystal Singing bowls and the heart-warming vocal style of Rebecca Calabro.

Feel your whole being soften, your heart open and experience the universe within.

For your comfort yoga mats are provided but please bring along your own for extra support if desires as well as a warm blanket.

Nothing to do, nothing to be….simply open your heart and receive.

You’re welcome to book one individual date or come to as many as you like! We run these events every other month!

Dates: 4th August ~ 6th October ~ 1st December


$35 pp

For more information please contact jasmine@riverdell.org.au

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