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Wow, we are still in awe from the weekend. Watching the Goodness Me Festival come into bloom was truly magic.

Words can’t come close to describing the feel, energy, and connection cultivated over this weekend.

A weekend of heart-centered practices, education, exploration, live music, and community.

It is the community that came together to make this offering what it truly was. From the facilitators to the food trucks, funky stalls, and you all. It felt like the perfect mix.

This has been a dream for some time for our team. Starting from a seed of an idea and watching the festival come to full form, filled us all with such a huge sense of gratitude and amazement.

It was an honour to have you all here. Thank you so much for all your beautiful feedback, photos, videos, hugs and words. This is just the beginning, and we would love to connect with you again next year in our second activation.

Please enjoy the photos below, taken by the very talented Asta Creative. We look forward to sharing even more photos and videos wth you soon! We encourage you to share the photos on social media and thank you in advance for respecting that Goodness Me Festival owns the copyright, and in turn, ask that you kindly tag @goodnessmefestival and credit @ast_creative when posting.

With love,

The Goodness Me team x