Spiritual Programs

Riverdell Spiritual Centre provides opportunities and teaching so people can discover a life of spiritual maturity for themselves. We honour the spiritual journeys of all people and recognise that for every individual the path that resonates for them will be unique. We are proud to have the work of experienced teachers and guides from a variety of spiritual paths on offer.

We assist people to address the many challenges to living a spiritual life in the modern world, including:

  • Being a caring, loving person in a world that sometimes seems hard and uncaring
  • Being spiritually and emotionally honest with others in a way that builds relationships
  • Tapping the creative fire within and sharing it with the world
  • Aligning work life with ones own life purpose

Riverdell is a place where people develop relationships with others who are on a similar spiritual path and build a network of friends who, together, are bringing a new spirituality to the world.

Sundays at Riverdell

A time created especially for you to slow down, reflect and renew at the weekend and to set your conscious, spiritual course for the coming week. Featuring a mixture of presentations, including performing arts, we invite you to connect with your own inner Spirit in an atmosphere of sharing with like-spirited people.

Our time together includes chant, presentations, group attunement and refreshing morning tea with lively conversation.

  • When – Weekly on Sundays, 10 am for presentation and attunement. 11-11:30 am for morning tea in the Dining Room
  • Where – Sanctuary, Riverdell Spiritual Centre OR online via https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87821164830

Everyone is welcome. Offered freely. Your donations are always appreciated. 

A bit about Christine Spencer….

For the past 20 years my skills have been steered in understanding the human body. I enjoy opening pathway’s for people. I am a part of the health and healing sector. 


Attunement is one of my favourite ways to tap into your very essence and see what is there. I enjoy being one on one with people. I have a knack at making people feel at ease. Life can be stressed, often we can be caught in all that’s happening in our individual outer worlds. 


Attunement is the perfect way to realign with your true self.



Attunement is stillness amidst the fullness of life


“An energy medicine practice”

Date: Wednesday afternoons from 27th January 2021
Time: Appointments available between 2pm – 4pm – by appointment (Book via Christine’s Personal Number 0412813700)
Cost: By donation



Balance, health, rhythm and purpose are the result of this alignment source.



Attunement is the practice of opening thought and feeling to the source of wisdom and love which is within all people, increasing the flow of life-giving energy through the body, into the world. 


Attunement is an energy medicine practice and a consciousness practice. So it is both the shared generation of life energy between two people, promoting health and wellbeing, and also a daily practice of spiritual centering and flow.


A time to just be present, to just become still and listen. Where we can begin to accept and open to your Divine self.


Take some time to check in with yourself and recharge your batteries, as you find a place to breathe and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat.


Each Appointment:


  • Arrive Brief check in
  • Sit/laydown
  • Spend 20-30 mins receiving energy medicine
  • Another check in before leaving
  • All you need to bring is an open mind and come in comfortable clothing