Andrew Horwood

Position: Holistic Medical Doctor
Phone: 08 8523 1329

Dr Andrew Horwood is an holistic medical doctor, workshop presenter, mentor, poet and a leader in the Emissaries of Divine Light in Australia. He’s an accredited Attunement Practitioner and Teacher and also a passionate teacher in Primal Spirituality. Andrew believes that Primal Spirituality is the first spirituality with which we are each born and which children intuitively know well. He believes that reconnecting as adults with this inner spiritual power source we each have opens gateways to leading a fulfilling and contented life.

Andrew says “we can become imprisoned by our limited view of life, unable to see what’s possible. This bondage often appears as feelings of shame, blame, fear or guilt, keeping us paralysed and trapped in our own views. Stress, health & relationship problems, addictive behaviours and what’s been called “an epidemic of meaninglessness” abound. Many turn to doctors or counsellors for cures.

What’s the antidote? Step into the parallel universe of the Primal Spirituality that’s within each of us us. Step into a way of ease & lightness, where the action of Grace is known. Step into joy, purpose and meaning in our lives.

Finding the ways to access this parallel universe may lead to trusting in our Inner Spirit. There are settings and atmospheres that encourage this access. Through deep listening, story-telling, poetry, ritual and learning, it is possible to gain an understanding and respect for the larger design in which your life is nestled- that parallel universe in which the sacred resides. This can evoke a new awakening- awakening the true Being you are, and living your own, unique, inspiring life. What could be more fulfilling?”

He lives in Melbourne with his wife Lyell and enjoys time with his 2 children and 3 grandchildren.