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White Tiger Breathwork and Movement ~ with Sacred Spaces

by admin

October 21


06:30 pm - 09:30 pm

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

51 Clifford Road, Hillier, SA 5116

Hillier, SA, AU, 5116

Sacred Spaces would like to take you on a journey with the empowering energy of the White Tiger.

Sacred Spaces would like to take you on a journey with the empowering energy of the White Tiger healing all parts of self, nourishing your mind, body and soul.

Set in the beautiful setting of Riverdell, surrounded by Mother Nature you can feel your mind, body and soul start to relax and your mind quieting.

On arrival to the sanctuary Arnda and Tarrah will clear your energies with Traditional Medicine Drumming and Reiki aligning you for what you are ready to release and step into.

As we come together on this day to nourish our mind, body and soul we ask you to feel into YOU notice the energies in your body that are calling for your attention.

It may be tightness in the chest, lower back, abdomen, neck, shoulders wherever the discomfort is, just notice.

Noticing and acknowledging is the first step in releasing that which no longer serves your higher self.

Guiding you through a White Tiger breathwork and meditation knowing you are safe to release what is right for you in this moment.

Allowing the White Tiger within your body, mind and soul to ROAR. Releasing what no longer serves you right now in this moment. Allowing the powerful energies of the White Tiger to empower you as you step into your true potential.

We will slowly bring you back to your body, awakening the White Tiger within.

With the movement of the White Tiger you will embody the powerful essence that is within you.

You will leave feeling empowered in your truth right now in this moment, feeling lighter, full of love and deeply relaxed.

Closing our journey together we will open the circle for discussion for anyone that feels called to share.

We of Sacred Spaces Arnda and Tarrah look forward to taking you on this Self Empowering Journey

With love ,

21st October, 6.30pm, $35 pp.

For any more information please contact jasmine@riverdell.org.au or call the office on (08) 8523 1329