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The Healing Power of Herbs – A Herbal Tea Workshop

by admin

February 12


02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

51 Clifford Road, Hillier, SA 5116

Hillier, SA, AU, 5116

Rachel provides all you need to know about blending your own herbal teas at home with confidence.

Herbal teas provide support in maintaining or regaining physical health. They work on a gentle and subtle level to encourage the natural healing process. When we honour ourselves to consume what Mother Nature has provided, we begin the process of healing. Drinking Herbal teas was one of the first ways herbs were used. The history of Herbal Medicine goes back many centuries and is the foundation of many drugs today.

When we drink Herbal tea it is about enjoying the tea ritual, the therapeutic and energetic healing qualities of the herbs, and the graceful gathering and sharing of stories. It is a time to celebrate and enjoy every sip.

Rachel provides all you need to know about blending your own herbal teas at home with confidence.

We will begin this workshop by enjoying a Herbal Tea Ceremony.

During this workshop:

• You will begin to learn the healing properties of a selection of herbs.

• The Common and Botanical names of a selection of herbs.

• You will learn how to choose your herbs. ( see, touch, smell, taste)

• You will learn how to blend herbs.

• And most important you will learn how to make your Herbal tea taste delicious, (tips & tricks)

• You will be guided on how to prepare your own personal Herbal tea to take home.

• Take home handout with information from the workshop.

• Personal gift from Rachel & Kylie

Rachel and Kylie have designed this workshop to give you practical information so that you can prepare and blend many dried herbs with confidence, to make your own herbal teas and use them during your spiritual practice and for everyday use.

Rachel is a Naturopath – Herbalist – Nutritionist; she uses organic harvested herbs in her practice. She sees how wonderful they work to support gentle healing on many levels. In this workshop Rachel would like to share her knowledge of Herbs & Herbal Medicine to support and encourage you to use them and understand their healing properties. Rachel utilised many healing qualities that are available to us from mother nature and is open to sharing a wealth of knowledge with you.

Kylie is a licenced Chakradance facilitator and loves watching the freedom and change this wonderful modality can bring to those present. She is an Energy Healing practitioner, utilising healing practices such as Reiki and Shamanism. She has an interest in healing all aspects of Self – The Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Bodies. This healing is complemented with the use of Flower Essences and Essential Oils. Kylie is a counsellor and has a great interest in Nature Therapy and Bushwalking. She is currently a walk leader with Big Heart Adventures and volunteers with Operation Flinders.

What to bring, Water Bottle, Journal, open mind.

Located: Dining Room, Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Price $75

Time: 2-5pm

Date: 12th February 2023

For more questions please contact Rachel Hornby on rachelhornbynaturopath@hotmail.com