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‘Slow Down and Savour the Sweetness’ Retreat

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May 5 - 06:00 pm


May 7 - 04:30 pm

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

51 Clifford Road, Hillier, SA 5116

Hillier, SA, AU, 5116

Enjoy a restorative weekend of yoga, meditation, connection to nature, finding your playful child again, feeling supported and nurtured.

This 2 day retreat allows you the time to immerse yourself in soulful and nourishing activities that will give you opportunity to deeply relax, stop the rushing, and find the space for clarity and perspective.

Activities include stretching your body and mind through yoga, meditation and mindfulness, connecting to nature, finding your playful child again, feeling supported and nurtured by like minded women. Through ceremony, individual and group activities we connect and enhance our self-awareness and celebrate our strengths. There is opportunity to learn about healthy food preparation or that time can be used to journal, read or rest.

The 2 days experience allows a holistic approach to restoring body mind and spirit.

It is surprising how restorative a weekend away from responsibilities of home, family and work can be. It really is a special place to “Come home to yourself”.

Activities over the weekend include:

✨ 3 yoga sessions followed by yoga nidra to support deep relaxation

✨ Processes to connect with intuition and creativity

✨ Ceremonies to support our letting go and bringing in intentions

✨ Mindful walks in Nature

✨ Opportunity for journaling, art creation, reading and resting

✨ Experiential session on healthy food preparation, where we create easy, healthy vegetarian and vegan meals.

The retreat is fully catered and yoga mats are provided but you may want to bring your own. A journal and sensible walking shoes are all you need beyond the usual.

Mandy Price is an educator, counsellor and celebrant who runs her own business ‘Welcome to Wellness’. Her mission is to inspire women to value their health and prioritise it to avoid adrenal burnout. Mandy has worked in the area of health and personal development for decades and ispassionate about supporting women to live healthier and happier lives,especially in these challenging times. She empowers women to make the changes they need to by running retreats, counselling and coaching.

Accommodation options

Premium option:

Sumai House

This beautiful 2 story home, tucked away amongst the gumtrees, provides deluxe treetop accommodation balconies. The house offers 3 bedrooms comprising a double bed, twin singles or single bed options. There is one large shared bathroom. Enjoy a room to yourself or share with a friend.

Private room $590

Twin share with a friend $520

Standard option:

Karrawirra House and The Bunkhouse

These cosy, ground floor houses offer comfortable accommodation and spacious living areas. There are 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets in each house and the bedrooms are suitable for private room or share with a friend options.

Private room $520

Twin share with a friend $460

For more information please phone the Riverdell office on (08) 85231329