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Personal Evolution Retreat with Manna – Deep Enquiry

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December 8 - 06:00 am


December 11 - 03:00 pm

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/riverdell-spiritual-centre-6549937849

Riverdell Spiritual Centre

51 Clifford Road, Hillier, SA 5116

Hillier, SA, AU, 5116

If you are on the journey of self-enquiry and ready to explore yourself, this is your safe space.

This is your space and time to remove the masks and begin the journey of finding “you”.

4 days of time away in a beautiful space dedicated to you.

If you are on the journey of self-enquiry and ready to explore yourself, this is your safe space.

I am Manna Abraham, and I am your teacher, facilitator, and coach.

To know more about me: www.mannaabraham.com

What do we do on the retreat?

• Explore yourself in silence

• Find who you are when doing nothing

• Enquire into YOU and resolve any unresolved trauma or hurt or emotions that are holding you back

• Perfect time to search, enquire, cleanse and unbecome

• Experience the bliss of “Being”

• Meditate with no intention

• Relax with an Ayurvedic Head Massage and

• Enjoy delicious healthy food freshly cooked and served on the retreat.

A fresh start and a time to reset.

Come join me and give yourself this space and time… A journey into self with deep enquiry and observation.


8th-11th of December

Thursday 06 AM to Sunday 03 PM

Venue: Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Your investment: $1375 for 4 days residential retreat.

A deposit of $150 and balance payable either in one payment or you can opt for a payment plan.


Individual spacious rooms in beautiful self-contained furnished apartments.


Note: There is an agenda and a plan as to what we do on the retreat. I will guide you throughout and it is important for me that you experience the personal breakthrough and the stillness while you are on the retreat.

However, I usually do not share until we meet at the venue. Be prepared to go with the flow and allow serendipity to guide you.

If you have any questions, email me at manna@mannaabraham.com or call me on my mobile: +61 426466126

Or book a time with me for a quick chat and would love to speak to you.