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Conscious Awakening Retreat 3.0 – Sacred Spaces

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September 16 - 04:00 pm


September 18 - 03:00 pm

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

51 Clifford Road, Hillier, SA 5116

Hillier, SA, AU, 5116

This magickal weekend of Conscience Awakening will be a transformation space for women and men together as one in unity.

Conscious Awakening Retreat 3.0 – Sacred Spaces

Nestled in the beautiful grounds of the Riverdell Retreat Centre, Arnda and Tarrah, co-creators of Sacred Spaces, welcome you all.

This magickal weekend of Conscience Awakening will be a transformation space for women and men together as one in unity.

Arnda and Tarrah’s intention is to reconnect you to your empowered consciousness. To help you reclaim your greatness and strength. To honour yourself on all levels, loving all layers of self, being at peace within and living your life with joy in your heart.

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself?

• How do I release my tension and stress in a safe environment

• I’m ready to meet like-minded soul tribe

• I’m ready to dive deep into what is holding me back

• I’m ready for an awakened experience

• I’ve been stuck at this level of personal growth, and I’m ready to evolve and grow


We welcome you to this weekend of conscious discovery, healing, and receiving.

Diving Deep, we will be unlocking and releasing the old stories and beliefs that are holding you back from living life at your fullest potential… right now.

Taking time out for you on this 3-day retreat, we will start our Consciousness Awakening journey by clearing and releasing what no longer serves your higher self. Then we will fill your mind, body, and soul with the nurturing love of your higher self, your consciousness.

What are you ready to release?

What are you ready to create in your life?

Reconnecting you to your SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS, you will leave feeling deeply transformed, empowered, and with a lighter mind, body and soul. To go forth and live your life with grace and ease in the knowledge that you are enough, you are deeply loved and empowered in your truth Consciousness Awakening.

What you will experience over the 3 days:

• Breathwork- Holotropic profound energy releasing and healing

• Morning movement

• Eye gazing

• Meditation

• Self Reflections and journaling

• Charcoal sketching in the forest

• Picnic in the forest connecting to Mother Earth and the fae people

• Cacao Ceremony with song and dance

• Fire Releasing Ceremony

• A night of dress-up, releasing, unity, and intuitive dance

• Ancestral womb healing activation

• Meeting your star seed family guided meditation


What are you ready to RELEASE

What are you ready to CREATE

What to bring:

• Clothes for two days

• Sleeping attire

• Dress up in Red for Saturday night Ceremony

• Musical instrument (if you have one)

• Insect repellent

• Water bottle

• Toiletries

• Women – sanitary items

• Wrap, shawl or jacket

• Activewear for morning activity

• Shoes for walking

• Chrystal’s and any other item you would like to place on the Ceremonial Alter

• Your willingness to go deep, knowing you will be loved and held


Friday 16th September arrival 4 pm- starting at 4:30 Departing – Sunday 18th September 3 pm


Single bed private room $550

Queen bed private room single $650

Twin-share room $450


Riverdell Retreat Centre – Meeting at the Sanctuary

For more information, please contact Aranda on 0467 443 409 or email Tarrah & Arnda at sacredspacesretreatsandevents@outlook.com


About your facilitators!

Arnda Dryden

Business Owner of Transcendent Healing and Co-Owner Sacred Spaces. Arnda is a Diploma and Certified practitioner of one-on-one healings and group sessions. Facilitating Authentic Eastern Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing, Remedial Masseuse, Facilitator of Breath Work, Shamanic Chakra Dance, Yogi and Mindfulness Meditation, Reiki practitioner. Facilitating Shamanic fire and Water releasing ceremonies is also her passion. Arnda has embarked on a Soul healing journey through the passages of time, healing ancestral, present, and future generations. Arnda takes you on this same journey of self-love and healing. Arnda is said to be the Mumma’s conduit of Spirit, Self-love and Star Light. Arnda looks forward to meeting you soon on your self-healing journey with love.

Tarrah Prior

Creator of Alchemy By Sound, Traditional Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner, Reiki, Breath Work and Meditation Facilitator, and Co-Owner of Sacred Spaces. Tarrah has an ever-expanding knowledge of holistic health and spirituality and has since 2014. Tarrah has explored all aspects of the body. She understands the emotional body, physical body, mind-body, spiritual body, and the links that bind them. Through energy work, sound therapy, and meditation, Tarrah will guide you to connect with the bodies through expanding and connecting consciousness. Tarrah uses the Traditional Tibetan Singing Bowl method for one-on-one sessions. Tarrah incorporates reiki to ensure healing on the deepest level is possible. Tibetan Singing Bowls transport you to a deep state of relaxation and serenity. The sound and vibration of the bowls on your body have an effect that will release layers of stress. The body releases endorphins and overcomes pain and fatigue. The Tibetan Singing Bowls produce sound to a frequency that reaches the deepest levels of our physical body and subconscious mind. The singing bowls can improve circulation of blood flow and can slow down and lower blood pressure. The singing bowls can enhance sleep quality, cure insomnia, and bring a person out of anxiety and depression. The singing bowls can create a connection to your higher self, bridging the gap in consciousness. Tarrah loves seeing people connecting to themselves and igniting their souls where profound transformation can occur.