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Conscious Awakening 4.0 ~ Divine Rising

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March 31 - 04:30 pm


April 2 - 03:00 pm

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

51 Clifford Road, Hillier, SA 5116

Hillier, SA, AU, 5116

This retreat is a beautiful journey into your heart, guiding you to connect with your true Divine self.

You have arrived at your Divine Rising. Take in a beautiful deep breath allowing the beautiful lands of Riverdell to embrace you as you walk into your retreat weekend. Connecting to and awakening your true Divine Self.

Arnda and Tarrah co-creators of Sacred Spaces welcome all of you with love.

Coming together, this retreat is a beautiful journey into your heart, guiding you to connect with your true Divine self.

Re-connecting and discovering who you truly are. Enhancing and rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul, clearing old stagnant emotional energy. Making space within your Divine self, bringing clarity into limiting beliefs, and supporting the awakening of the Divine within you.

Through activations and creations this weekend, you will discover your inner balance and your power.

Awakening your mind, body and soul, you will move what no longer serves you through breath, movement, candle ceremony, meditation, art creation, workshops, and delicious meals, to fuel your Divine self.

We will take a deep dive into self-worth and self-love embodiment. Meet parts of you that you may have forgotten or that you didn’t know were always within you.

You will make connections with like-minded people, release, relax and embrace the journey. We are here to hold space for you as you journey.

Falling in love with yourself and life all over again.

Arnda and Tarrah’s desire is to reconnect you to your empowered consciousness and your true Divine self. Reclaim your greatness and your strength, honour yourself on all levels, love all layers of self, be at peace within, and live your life with joy in your heart.

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself

~Why do I feel disconnection in my life

~How do I get out of the washing machine cycle repeating old patterns

~Feelings of being overwhelmed with life

~Self-Sacrificing for others

It’s time to own your voice and who you truly are. Are you ready to step into who you truly are, your true power of



Is here for YOU

Taking time out for you on this 3-day retreat, we will be starting our journey of your Divine Rising by clearing and releasing what no longer serves your higher self.

Arnda and Tarrah will then guide you to fill your Mind, Body and Soul with the nurturing love of your Higher Self.

What you will experience over the 3 days

✨ Breathwork- Holotropic deep energy releasing and healing

✨Morning movement

✨Tibetan and gong sound journey

✨Eye gazing


✨Self-LOVE workshop

✨Mirror Reflections

✨Flow painting

✨Divine calling activation

✨Lighting the way candle ceremony

✨Chef meal creation’s to fuel your body

✨Meeting your Devine Self


What are you ready to RELEASE

What are you ready to CREATE

What to bring

~Clothes for 2 days

~Sleeping attire

~Musical instrument (if you have one)

~insect repellent

~Water bottle


~Women – sanitary items

~Wrap, shawl or jacket

~Active wear for morning activity

~Shoes for walking

~Crystals and any other item you would like to place on the ceremonial Alter

~Your willingness to go deep, knowing you will be loved and held


Friday, March 31st arrival 4:30pm


Sunday, April 2nd 3pm


Riverdell Retreat Centre

Meeting on the green grass (follow the path)


Single bed shared room $550

Single bed private room $650

Queen bed private room single $750