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A Journey Within ~ Silent Retreat

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July 28 - 05:00 pm


July 30 - 04:00 pm

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

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Riverdell Spiritual Centre

51 Clifford Road, Hillier, SA 5116

Hillier, SA, AU, 5116

The possibility of inner peace is real, and can be obtained right now, no matter who you are or what your life story is.

Are you longing to rediscover the peace of mind that you intuitively know is at your core? Do you find yourself being called back to the silence behind it all? Have you noticed that the day-to-day appears to demand more of your attention and have the desire to claim it back?

Join us on a weekend of supported silence and allow yourself to reconnect with the ever-present and unchanging aspect of yourself that is aware of it all. Knowing that you have all your needs taken care of, you can use this precious time to focus on your internal experience and gain first-hand insight into an awareness that can neither be given nor taken away.

A combination of private meditation and reflection, coupled with gently guided meditations offered by Justin Martin and Siobhan Calleja, will assist you in making the most of this rare time you have set aside just for you.

All meals, accommodation and linen are included in this package. The only thing you need to bring is an intention to free yourself from the usual aversions and attachments of your daily life.

The possibility of inner peace is real, and can be obtained right now, no matter who you are or what your life story is. Realise this for yourself, if only for a moment and experience the freedom it can offer.

Beginning at 5 pm on Friday the 28th of July 2023, at Riverdell Spiritual Centre. The schedule for the weekend looks like the following:


17:00 – Welcomed to grounds and shown to your room.

18:00– We will meet in the dining room for dinner and introductions.

19:30 – We will meet in the Sanctuary, and you will be given instructions on the specific meditation techniques we will use over the weekend.

20:00 – We will invite the silence. (Aarti Ceremony)

20:30 – We will retire to our rooms for reflection and sleep.


05:30 – Wake-up

06:00 – Sanctuary for Meditation

07:00 – Dining room for silent Breakfast

08:00 – You are free to enjoy the grounds and buildings for meditation and reflection.

Noon – Sanctuary for Meditation

13:00 – Silent Lunch in the Dining Room

14:00 – You are free to enjoy the grounds and facilities for your meditation and reflection.

15:00 – Gentle Yoga Session (SC) 1 hour

17:00 – Sanctuary for Meditation (

18:00 – Dining Room for Dinner

20:00 – Yoga Nidra

21:00 – Retire to our rooms for contemplation and sleep.


05:30 – Wake-up

06:00 – Sanctuary for Meditation

07:00 – Dining Room for silent Breakfast

08:00 – You are free to enjoy the grounds and buildings for meditation and reflection.

9:00 –Krya option

10:30 – Personal Meditation and integration

Noon – Sanctuary for Meditation

13:00 – Silent Lunch in the Dining room

14:00 – Individual meditation and reflection

15:00 – Closing meditation and ceremony in the Sanctuary

16:00 – Pack up and go home

Please find facilitator biographies below and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at justin@riverdell.org.au or 8523 1329.



Back in the eighties, attention deficit disorder, whilst known about wasn’t really a thing! Well, certainly not according to the standardized education system that Justin was dragged through at least.

Constantly disruptive and seemingly unable to focus on anything that didn’t interest him, Justin struggled with an inability to concentrate his mind and inhibit his impulses. Five primary schools and four high schools later, the education department finally saw the back of him.

Like so many before and after him, he was cast off into the world lacking some of the most fundamental skills a person could hope to have. Sure, he could read and do math, but that never equipped him to make healthy decisions or to create a plan for his life that would offer a sense of security and meaning. As could be easily predicted, this led him down a path of risk-taking behaviors. More good luck, than good planning allowed him to get through these years relatively unscathed and presented him with the opportunity to discover the difference that meditation provided as he learned to quieten his mind, focus on the moment, start to see a picture larger than himself.

Now Justin seeks to share this opportunity to experience life as it actually is, aside from the drama and distraction that so easily consumes our mind. Particularly now, with the endemic nature of technology in our lives, he believes that learning to control our own mind is more important than ever.


Siobhan is a Vedic Meditation Teacher, 550hr Registered Yoga Teacher, and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, honouring the Divine Mother through traditional Vedic practice.

Siobhan specialises in postpartum care. With a depth of reverence, she offers support to the postpartum mother from an Ayurvedic context, drawing upon the teachings offered through Vedic meditation practice to deeper support mothers through their postpartum journey.

Having encountered these teachings at a young age, Siobhan has been blessed to have met wonderful teachers who have guided her in her path of devotion. She has been trained in the Vedic Tradition and, with humility, offers her services to her teachers who have led her to this path of service.

As a sensitive and quiet soul in a fast-paced world, Siobhan finds her personal practice of meditation to be a refuge that allows her to rest in what is known as sattva (the energy of inner harmony and balance) amidst the overwhelm that can come with engaging in our busy society.

Siobhan’s deepest intention in her heart’s work is to embody the sattvic (harmonious & pure) nature of love as she walks beside you, holding space for and witnessing the remembrance of the Divine nature that is our essence.