Whole Person – Whole World

MH900442431“Why doesn’t someone DO something about it????”   How often have you heard these words spoken about the car industry, the price of wheat, unemployment figures, relationship breakdowns. This is the “they ought to” approach.   And “why don’t YOU do something about it?” – relating to your weight, your fears, your children’s behaviour and any other personal issue!  What’s behind all this?

There’s a longing in human hearts for wholeness.  Somewhere we seem to have a memory that our lives are meant to be about more than we’re currently experiencing.  There’s a longing for wholeness to be restored individually and for the whole world.  Will politicians or experts magically make everything right?   No- it won’t happen that way.

Wise people recognise that the only way wholeness will occur in the world is through individuals first.  It’s the essence of “think global, act local”.  And you have the great privilege of response-ability.   This is your ability to respond creatively to the circumstances, people and challenges in your life.  As you learn to choose creative responses, your personal life path will change, and through you, the world will also change, even in a small way.

What do creative responses look like?

  • When your mind is confused or you’re feeling distressed – perhaps take a break, journal, change task, talk to a trusted friend to help bring clarity.
  • Take care with your words.  Your words carry power so use them wisely.  Eg “I never do that” could be replaced by “up till now, I’ve never done that”
  • Recognising the value of stillness.   Maybe not watching TV; getting more rest; reading a good book; learning meditation, yoga or relaxation, or listening to soothing music
  • Build and use a support group.   Who are the people who support you to become the whole person you can be?   Find them and spend time with them.
  • Be inspired.  Seek out opportunities to be inspired to take another step in your unfolding life journey.

Jim Rohn, US entrepreneur and motivational speaker, says this- “if you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”  It’s YOUR response-ability to meet your life with creativity; to reach toward the wholeness you feel is rightly yours.  Using that privilege, choose wisely so the creative flow for your life continues strongly.

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