Creative Field Project

What IS the Creative Field?

Participants enjoying a creative field call

The Creative Field we hold is a field of consciousness and energy. For us as human beings, the quality of our consciousness is the critical factor. It determines the flow of our human energy and what appears in the forms of life all around us.

“The awakening in which we are interested is to the reality of Creative Being or Inner Spirit, which is the truth of who we are. Our human capacity was created to be a living vessel for our highest reality, and so the transformation of human con­sciousness leads us to become more clearly and fully who we are on earth. Ultimately, this evolution lets our planet, Mother Earth, be all of who and what it is meant to be.”

David Karchere
Spiritual Director, Emissaries of Divine Light

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The Invitation

Join with others via a facilitated monthly teleconference for 60 to 90 mins.   Discussion is initiated through a brief inspirational message and questions for reflection which are sent out ahead of the call.  This framework also invites commitment to a personal practice designed by you to assist your ongoing spiritual journey.

How to participate

To register for the Creative Field Project, click here.

Fee.  Offered freely.  Your donations are welcome.

Contact.  Andrew Horwood, Program Director.  Ph. (08) 8523 1329


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