The One Thing That Could Really Change Your Life

Moraine_State_Park_Hot_air_-1024x624I was just a little nervous and unsure, I had never done this before, but my heart was saying “yes”.

I wanted to get out of my ordinary routine, try something different, expand my awareness and make new connections.  But most of all I wanted to discover more about my inner self to support me on my journey forward in life.

I had felt this yearning for a while, but kept making excuses that I was too busy, or couldn’t leave my husband and children or whatever, but really I was just a little bit afraid…. afraid to try something new, afraid my life might change.

Well, I went ahead and did it anyway.  I signed up for a six day live-in spiritual retreat!

And it WAS Life-Changing, but in a good way!

The retreat itself was ‘chock’ full of theory pieces and learnings, exercises and journaling, meditation and energy balancing, times for quiet reflection and times for sharing.  It definitely fulfilled all my criteria and more.  And I met a fabulous bunch of participants who were on a similar journey to myself.

But it was the personal benefits and growth I experienced afterwards that I found quite astounding –

  • I felt more present, balanced and focussed in my daily life – I was no longer living on autopilot, rushing from task to task.
  • My body was relaxed and the long-held tension in my shoulders had eased.
  • My mind slowed down and re-focussed. Instead of the same old thoughts, I now had a new perspective.
  • I was not so hard on myself – the critical voice in my head had quietened down.
  • I opened to a new consciousness in my daily living and experienced a deeper reverence for life. I saw things differently and felt a spiritual revival.
  • I reconnected with my inner spirit’s voice.
  • I took away tools to support me in daily living and keep me on track.

Since that very first retreat years ago, I have chosen to regularly attend longer retreats.   Each time the break from the constant background of daily living and human busyness, has reconnected me to my personal magnificence and created space for change to occur.  And it is in the change that I have discerned new ways to participate more joy-fully in my life.

At Riverdell we are offering an ‘Art of Living’ 7 day Retreat for anyone who wants to really live life wholeheartedly and passionately.  It is a powerful opportunity to change the way you see yourself and your life.

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