The Story of Abram, Moses and Moira, and the Great Promise

Moira McDougall
Moira McDougall

The Lord said to Abram “Get out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I shall show thee – and I shalt Bless thee and thou shalt be a Blessing”.

Abram was a man of great mana, of great character. He recognised the invitation to create a new Pattern to bring about the fulfilment of the Promise of Blessing, even though his physical reality provided no evidence of how this would occur.

He acted accordingly anyway – and did as God asked of him.

A few lifetimes down the Timeline, Moses was raised in the House of Pharoah. He was extremely well educated, of good standing and a valued member of his community.

At the age of 40 years he suddenly left all that was familiar, in order to create a new Pattern of living. He had murdered an Egyptian! He spent his next 40 years working as a sheep herder where he learnt patience, uncovered Temple records and gained much wisdom and knowledge.

Although he himself never made it into The Promised Land, he held the vision of the Pattern to enable his people to reach The Promised Land many years later.

A great many more lifetimes down the Timeline, Moira’s parents took her from her birthplace in Zimbabwe, to return to their homeland of South Africa. Here she tarried for a number of years, and she was in her 40s when she responded to the internal call to create a new Pattern for herself and her family.

She left all that was familiar to settle in New Zealand. She had received much learning and fellowship in her South African Emissary Community and was now very much alone. For the next 10 years she found herself wandering amongst many sheep without a shepherd.

Moira called out to God, and was sent Andrew, Geoff and Linda, and much modern technology to help her to connect with her Tribe.

And so it was that Moira came to participate in The Deepening, where she received that same Great Promise in relationship to herself.

The Great Promise is an Invitation to break old habits and patterns in order to become aware of our part to play in this cycle of the Divine Plan – to be Blessed and to be a Blessing. The Great Promise is offered to each of us when we are woman enough, man enough, to receive it.

The END……..

………of one Creative Cycle is the Beginning of the next one!

………………………….Thank You …………………………………………….

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