Spiritual Lessons from my Refrigerator

One of the books on my bookshelf is called “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”.  I thought of that book today as I was really facing the cleaning out of my fridge before departing on an overseas trip.

In just over 12 hours time, I’ll be on a flight to America.  I find that preparing for a trip like this finds me engaging in all sorts of attempts to complete jobs that should have/ could have been done on less pressurised days.

For this trip I am keen to leave my refrigerator switched off.  That has meant facing what’s lurking there.  What is lurking there could largely be classified under the heading “Just in case Supplies”.  Superficially that seems like a sensible, justifiable approach to take.

But let me delve a little deeper.  I face the out of date vegan dip, the chocolate I don’t need and keep intending to give up, the cheese that I no longer eat and I reflect on why I have them here.  What is the Spiritual lesson?  I see a ‘stale’ (no pun intended) pattern in myself that says that maybe I can cover up or hide my ‘perceived’? shortcomings, by always having on hand the food or ingredient (that may be necessary) to rescue any situation.  Other faults may now be overlooked!  Joy!  No.  Ouch!!  It’s embarrassing to reveal.  But more than that I feel excited to see and name a pattern that no longer fits.  My wish in revealing this is that having been named, it will no longer be needed.  I’m trusting this will help to cure and clear this cluttering, stale, avoidance cycle.

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