The Secret Place of the Most High



The sound of many waters

dwells in the secret place of the Most High.

It is Great Spirit’s Tone, filling,

filling our Temple body in Light.

And from within we begin to glow,

flow caught in Life’s truth.


As we know this, Fire is lit,

lights our Soul

Who begins speaking,

sweeps in thunderous voice

across the barren plain of our Heart;

and desires become one in our creating,

knit in us from the inside-out.


Or is it the outside-in?

The barrier between both is finely woven.

Encompassing threads bind us, hold us

so that as we walk in shadowed valley,

Light springs beneath our feet,

follows each footstep.


We have learned to truly see earth lives

in us, enlivened round about us.

We, no longer empty vessels

with water rushed straight through.

Thus – we walk filled.



Fire, and Spirit’s breathing Air within us.


Do you hear it?

Can you feel it?

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