Riverdell – Are We There Yet?

RiverdellAre we there yet ? Are we there yet ? Are we at the end of school holidays yet ?  It’s true, motherhood can be rewarding and you guessed it, really trying as well.  But I’m not telling mothers anything new in stating that.   Something that might be new to you, that I would like to tell you about, is meditation.

Words are not my speciality, so I’ll explain this simply – Awesome !!!!  A huge thanks to a great friend for suggesting I check out Riverdell Stillpoint Meditation. I cannot describe how beneficial it is for me to just stop and be still.

The simple technique of deep breathing can return me to a calmer state. ‘Un-calm’ is where I have been on too many occasions these school holidays but that’s what happens with three rug rats 10, 8 & 6. Through meditation at Riverdell I have been reminded to “just breathe” and also been introduced to “The Energy Medicine Daily Routine, by Donna Eden”, which was part of the meditation sessions last year. I start my day with it and the movement of energies within my body is an incredible feeling.

But that’s only a small part of Riverdell Stillpoint meditation.  To experience an in-person guided meditation and the personal journey it takes me on is deeply moving. To quote, in my opinion a hottie, Simon Baker “Good things emerge from stepping back and switching off” and that is what I do at meditation, step back from my “helta-skelta” life and switch off my “day in – day out” brain and take it on an “inner me” journey.  In the end I am left centred with a real feeling of grounding. It does sound weird and “airy fairy”, but the feeling I am left with is great 🙂

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Is it Wednesday 4th February 2015?  Am I  back at Riverdell Stillpoint Meditation, cause I am soooooooooooooo needing it and most definitely looking forward to it and catching up with Cynthia, Jewels and the great and beautiful people that come to mediation and the Riverdell Family?  Do yourself a favour, seriously, do as I did and come and “check it out”.


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