The Miracle of Silence

Miracle of Silence
Miracle of Silence

“Let silence take you to the core of life.” 

Silence. Oh, the miracle of silence!  Having that quiet space to think, more importantly, to BE, and let the moments slide by as they will without there being any agenda. No children, no work, no dishes or gardening to do.

In our world today, silence is something of an anomaly. It is what we seek, yet too often avoid, or just don’t take time out for.

Allow. Let. Listen.

Vicki Edwards, your facilitator, says “in my own experience of being in silence, it brought out a poet in me, revealed wild spaces of Self where Earth our Mother grew morning dewdrops. I felt places of knowing I am Creators’ child”

Practising silence, gives us an opportunity for reconnection with the Inner Self –  that part which allows for deeper inner knowing of the truth that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Riverdell is a haven of abundant bird life, a placid river which runs overhung by River Gums, hundreds of years old, a sanctuary environment enabling reflection and renewal.

This is your time. Embrace it.   

This event is planned to be close to the winter Solstice, the time of greatest outer darkness – a great time for inner reflection. You will be guided by experienced practitioners gently to a greater sense of the stillness within you.  Tools to assist include self guided meditations, personal reflective journaling, walking in nature and mandala colouring

Suitable for all levels of experience.


When:  To be announced

Where:  Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Fee:  Full fee = $40.  Great early bird rate only $20 if paid in full   Book via Eventbrite 


Facilitators:   Vicki Edwards & guests



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