Wednesday Morning Meditation

What IS Meditation?   

Meditation is a starting point for discovering stillness, restoring balance, overcoming overwhelm, gaining clarity and finding peace within yourself.

Whether for spiritual growth, personal development or the sake of your sanity, our classes are affordable, accessible and a safe way to venture into learning the art of meditation.   So treat yourself and relax the body, calm the mind, and connect to your heart’s wisdom.

No prior experience is necessary.   As you deepen your experience of meditation, you’ll discover that inner peace, assurance and serenity can be yours.

Facilitators:  This year we are blessed to have wonderfully experienced facilitators to guide each session – Vicki Edwards, Jewels Bolland and Linda Miels.


When: Wednesday mornings, 10am to 11am in The Attunement Building – Riverdell. Contact the office for more details. Participants are welcome to join us for morning tea after the session.

Please aim to arrive 5 minutes early to enable a prompt start.

Fee.   $8 per session (includes morning tea!)


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