Celebrating Earth’s Sacred Cycles


In the busyness of our worldly lives, it’s easy to feel “out of sync” with the natural rhythms of Life.   Native peoples all around the world know the value of aligning themselves and their lives with those rhythms and with the energy patterns that accompany them.   When we do that, we find a new ease in our lives, like surfing a wave to the shore.

In 2016 we are offering opportunities to celebrate, and align with, 3 of the most important cosmic cycles – 2 equinoxes and the winter solstice through ritual ceremony together.


Each ceremony starts at 6pm for an hour on the following dates

  • Sat June 18th
  • Sat Sept 18th

Where:  Riverdell Spiritual Centre

Fee:  By donation.  Book via Eventbrite here

Facilitators:  Jenni Douglas, Vicki Edwards, Maggie Cope and guests



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