Astrology Readings with Maggie Cope



Have you ever been interested in how your astrological chart might be influencing your experience of life?   Do you want to know more about the opportunities and challenges you could face over the coming year?  Are there repeating patterns in your life you’d like to understand more deeply?  If so, an astrological reading is for you.

The true power of astrology lies in deepening our understanding of our uniqueness and what gifts we have to bring to the world.  We are not “controlled” by the stars – we are enabled to live our unique lives, assisted by cosmic energetic factors which we can understand more deeply through astrology.

Maggie Cope who has a Practitioner’s Certificate from the Federation of Australian Astrologers is available for readings.  She says “readings may give you valuable insights into past and current aspects of your life, with greater understanding of the energies available over the next 12 months or so.  To do this work requires that a person knows the date, time and place of birth.    I’ll analyse a number of charts and consultations will be an hour long”.

To make an appointment – phone Maggie on 8522 1053.

Investment: $120.


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