Becoming A Sun participants and faculty, July 2015
Becoming A Sun participants and faculty, July 2015


For over 30 years, the Emissaries at the Riverdell Spiritual Centre have been offering programs in awakening greatness.

These programs provide opportunities for you to learn empowering tools and insights which, when practised, lead to balance and mastery in your daily life.   There’s an updraft of creative change that occurs when you commit to learning, and stay connected  with how Life works: discover, and bring, your unique gift.

We have an amazing ever evolving range of programs on offer at Riverdell from which you can choose:


Wednesday morning guided meditation with Jewels Bolland, Maggie Cope and Vicki Edwards.  Read more

Evening meditation series in March 2016 with Christine Spencer and Ruth French  Read more



This program offers a collage of meditation experiences in which you’re invited to Just Be – with yourself, with your life and with this moment.  Read more


In the busyness of our worldly lives, it’s easy to feel “out of sync” with the natural rhythms of Life.   Native peoples all around the world know the value of aligning themselves and their lives with those rhythms and with the energy patterns that accompany them. Read more


Join Maggie Cope, experienced astrologer, and discover cosmic patterns operating in your life of which you’ve probably been unaware.  You’ll be amazed at what you find!  Read more


An afternoon space in time to experience yourself in a new way as a still point within the turning world in which you live.  Hosted by Vicki Edwards.  Read more


The urging of our Inner Spirit can show up in many ways including depression, anxiety, physical illness or simply a sense of wonder about the meaning of life.  At these times, the right support can make all the difference.  Spiritual mentoring may assist in the awakening process that leads to you discovering your unique gifts.  Read more


Attunement is a non-touch spiritual alignment practice that increases the experience of your inner Spirit – the invisible, animating life energy that flows through every being, forming an energy field.  Discover the deeper centredness you feel as a result of Attunement.   Read more

How Do I Get Started?

If you need a beginning point, you might like to check out our page – Get Started Here

On the programs menu you will find pages for each of our current programs giving you further information.  You can also check out our Calendar for dates and times of workshops and programs.

Best still why not pop in and meet the team?  We have morning tea on offer most days and love to meet new people.  Have a look below at our current weekly cycle and see what inspires you, and come along.


For further information, a confidential chat or to let us know you will be popping by call our Office on 08 8523 1329, Tues-Fri between 9 am – 5 pm


What people say about our courses:

  • What I most valued was the openness, sincerity, respect, honesty and humility offered by all participants.
  • The sincerity of the facilitators, their ability to steer and help crystallize and bring to the fore issues that need addressing and/or greater recognition and celebrating. The wonderful circle of open and non-judgmental companions creating a wonderful atmosphere of trust and beauty.
  • I am looking forward to more sharing and awakening as an individual in true fellowship on this journey of ours through Life.
  • My greatest learning was that we have choices. We don’t have to react in an inappropriate way.
  • Even though it seems as if life carries on as usual, I know I am deeply different inside, and I carry a feeling of stillness and spaciousness. It may well take some time before any internal changes manifest externally, but that does not matter. I am focusing on allowing Love to radiate without concern for results.

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