Primal Spirituality #1 – Blessing and Understanding


Primal Spirituality is connecting to our source and embracing our destiny. It is reclaiming our first spirituality—the spirituality we were born with. And it is answering the call of our future, which is to embrace our role as co-creators on Planet Earth.

Primal Spirituality is the spirituality common to all humankind and all the world’s religions and spiritual paths.  It’s embedded in us from birth.  Just look at very small children that adults find adorable.  They display qualities that we admire, such as

  • Knowing they are loved and will have their needs met
  • A deep trust in Life leading to a willingness to say “YES” to what Life brings them
  • An intense curiosity about Life
  • A willingness to practice, practice, practice to learn new skills and not being put off my making mistakes
  • A natural ability to totally live in the present moment
  • Natural emotional mastery in which they release the pain, seek comfort, then get on with what’s next
  • LOTS of fun, laughter and energy mixed with innocence
  • Naturally creative through talking, drawing, dancing etc

As we grow up, things happen to us and we form beliefs or make up stories about the way Life is that are not true.   We may lose our trust in Life’s goodness and become a smaller version of ourselves than we were as children.  We may turn down the flow of energy from our primal spirituality and feel lost in our lives.  How common this experience is for adults!

What’s needed is to deeply reconnect with what we knew instinctively as adults – our primal spirituality.   Primal Spirituality Courses assist participants on the journey of becoming on the outside what they already are on the inside—a Being of great wisdom, love and creativity.

Participating in Primal Spirituality courses, a person will

  • Overcome the inner resistance to their own fulfillment and happiness
  • Embrace their own courage to be fully who they are
  • Engage the deepest desires of their heart and unleash their brilliance
  • Receive tools that assist them to manifest their vision in the world

Primal Spirituality Courses teach enlightened principles of emotional and spiritual intelligence utilising clear presentations and powerful experiential exercises which lead to a deep knowing and opening of energetic gateways for a person.  These are:

  • Blessing
  • Understanding
  • Taking Action
  • Fulfilling Mission
  • Enlightened Thinking
  • Courage
  • Grace

Primal Spirituality courses are designed to be taken in sequence because they follow the natural path of human development and creativity.   They are developed by David Karchere, the world’s foremost thought leader in the field of Primal Spirituality, and an experienced team of teacher facilitators who share his groundbreaking work in this field. The courses reflect timeless wisdom and contemporary insight into the process of conscious human evolution.

Primal Spirituality 1 takes participants through the gateways of Blessing and Understanding.


  • Blessing is experienced as an energy flow of Universal Love to the heart, the emotional body.  We are designed to receive this in infancy and to have this refreshed and strengthened throughout our lives.
  • Blessing displaces inner discord, discouragement and low self-esteem. It leads to peace, confidence and joy. Blessing is an energy of connection, and feeling this, know we belong to others and to the circle of life all around us. Blessing also connects us to the source of love, wisdom and life within ourselves.
  • Stepping into an experience of Blessing can bring a profound healing of the isolation and loneliness that so many people feel— from others, the world around, and from ourselves.
  • Once we receive the gifts of Blessing, they become available for us to share with others.  We can be purveyors of Blessing in the world.


  • This gateway is most especially about a conscious Understanding of the experience of people. It includes the ability to see, without judgment, what is transpiring in the emotional body of another person.
  • Understanding is an antidote to emotional disconnection. When we become a compassionate witness to the human experience, our heart opens up. Emotional pain dissipates. The flow of Blessing connects.
  • The gateway of Understanding includes being understood. It includes the willingness to be vulnerable—to let your own emotional experience be seen by another. It is the willingness to expose your emotional experience to yourself, so that you can understand yourself and gain emotional intelligence.
  • Understanding brings spiritual intelligence—a discernment of the powerful creative forces that are dynamically driving the human experience.

The senior faculty at Riverdell, Australia, will be Phil Richardson, Ruth Buckingham and Andrew Horwood.

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