Spirituality IS Practical

David - practical spiritualityDavid Karchere and Maureen Waller presented a power- packed four full days of Practical Spirituality with loads of tools and techniques for grounding spirituality into everyday life, manifesting highest hopes and dreams, becoming more loving in relationships with other people and living more authentically.

The Seminar began with a half day of healing chanting that generated a huge pool of sacred energy in the Sanctuary.  From this powerful start we moved into a wide range of experiences, including various teachings from David, sharing Attunements,  uncovering deeper layers of ourselves, working co-creatively in teams, presenting skits on the four forces, and finally completing this vibrant time with a beautiful ceremony of celebration and blessing for each participant and for all that had transpired.

We were also delightfully nourished physically with the delicious and healthy soups and foods prepared by  Cherize Vallet, David Kuhne and others, and our spiritual experience was further grounded in the physical as we all shared in the dishwashing roster.

Old friends and new had a chance to connect, grow and expand in an atmosphere of fun, laughter, friendship and spiritual “family”.

Below are some of the comments of participants:

  • Once again an amazing safe space to learn and grow.  Life changing.
  • It is such a pleasure to be around the fantastic people that visit here.  Very uplifting.
  • Riverdell  is a wonderful space, with a beautiful spirit of love and devotion at work, genuine sincerity displayed and an enthusiastic, spirited and intelligent approach from all involved.

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