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We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.   Our Inner Spirit, which is part of the wholeness we call The Divine, Source, has a plan for our lives such that we may experience Life in all it’s majesty, beauty, fun, ease and joy.  We are born to become radiant beings of light and warmth, like the sun in our solar system.   We are destined to become a Sun ourselves, revealing to the outside world those qualities of light and warmth we all have on the inside.

Below are some videos of how this process of Becoming A Sun happens in nature.  Notice the ease.  Notice the beauty.  That’s our birthright too.  Enjoy!

1.   How Beauty Emerges Naturally.   People often experience themselves as restricted, closed in, pressured during Life’s journey.  And yet, as this slide show reveals, this is a natural part of the emergence of the beauty that we are inside.  Imagine how different your life could be if you see it through this lens – that it’s about your inner beauty becoming more revealed?  This is the truth of what your life is about.


2.  A Story of Transformation.  The way we get to know this in our lives is to let go of what WE think our lives are about and allow our Inner Spirit to guide our lives to unfold in a way that fulfills our destiny.  Whilst we humans often struggle with this process, the natural world has no such problem.  Look how easily a caterpillar lets go to the magic of Life’s design and surrenders to a transformation process to become a butterfly.  Could this be a template for how your life is unfolding?

3.  A Story of Breaking Barriers.  Along Life’s journey, our Inner Spirit calls us to break free from the restrictions we might feel so we can become larger and more expansive in our life experience.  There’s discomfort that we feel before each breakthrough AND there’s the triumph of standing on new ground.  We can see examples everywhere in nature of how easy this can be – but we often find it difficult, as humans, to trust our Inner Spirit’s guidance.  Enjoy this journey of breakthrough and the invitation to do likewise


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