DSCN0351Perhaps there never will be a time

When no more tears grace our cheeks.

One thing I know for sure –

Love never dies.

She is every nook and cranny

of mind

and heart

and limb

And tree

and mountain rearing skyward.

Always the skyward reach,

reaching upward

So that in the end

there is flight

ever flight

But flight grounded on this blue-green orb.


At this time cosmically,

we stand at a crossroad.

Not crossroads.

We cannot go back,

only one choice remains.


it is no accident that Creator divided

Waters from waters so that dry land appeared.

Here on this blue-green orb

hurtling through space,

we, humanity,

need part the waters daily.

Yes, amongst the daily grind

we would ground Creators’ flaming tongue

and sing out.


The water on our cheeks,

let it run,

empty out


out because there is ever more,

never less, ever more this flow of Love.

Creators’ breath is that mist

on your windshield.

Leave the wipers off,

take the mist on your lips

Speak it out




And now rest.

As you lie on Earth our Mother’s breast

drink your fill.

The waters are parted,

humanities terrific drought gone

Dry land is ground to dust and,

just at the right moment,

there is Ascension in one tiny particle

which is you because you held truthful.


Rest. You are there. Now.

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