Meditation for Me

I really love meditation as a tool.

My first experience of meditation in a group was the best decision I have ever made. I noticed that with every class I became more and more alive. In essence I was waking up. Meditation was bringing out the whole of myself, finally and fully, to meet the world.  I know my life has been enhanced by my mediation practice in fact, it still is!

In my early 30’s I had created 2 businesses with 2 young children. I found my life was very full and I was hooked on the action side of life. It was fun, but it took its toll on my body. My shoulders were always tight and uncomfortable and it got to the point that I realized I was stressed and had to change something. I began talking with friends and discovered a local yoga teacher around the corner. This was my first discovery of the meditation form known as “Yoga nidra.”

By practising the art of stillness and concentration, meditation has made me aware of how stressed and tight my body was. I discovered I had been ignoring the signs by doing too much in my life.  As time passed, my practise became part of my everyday life. It has taught me to be mindful and I have more appreciation of being alive. It has also brought me so much joy and it changed the way I moved through life. It helped me to relax in the busyness of everything I did. It has made me mindful!

To me, meditation is a higher platform of consciousness in which to learn by bringing and opening to your innate wisdom. As I practise regularly, meditation has helped me to dispel fear and I became more patient in all I that do.  I feel recharged and more loving and I now enjoy spending time with my inner self and it shows in all that I do.

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