Letting go of Control…..

041916aI’ve spent a lot of my life in a tizzy mess without even realising it!

I’ve wanted to control my every move and if my loved ones didn’t follow my way of doing things or my idea’s, there was friction.

I was definitely focused entirely on myself and living somewhat unconsciously.  I look back now and think, that was so sad, I’ve missed way too much of the unexpected gifts life has given me. Lately, however, I’m aware of a deepening process taking place within me.

What I’m discovering is, the more I let go of control in my day, the more life reveals and teaches me! For example, when I notice I’m starting to sense unease, negativity and discomfort within, this has become a beginning step of me noticing if there is a pattern associated with it. What am I doing in my life that has led me to this point and why? What am I trying to control here?

When these patterns keep reoccurring in my life and may appear between myself and family or loved ones, I pay close attention. This is when I know I need to implement a change. A big change. A change in pattern, behaviour or mind set. This is the time I need to let go of the control. From my experience, these two simple steps have really worked for me. First, you need to notice your own pattern that keeps occurring. Then you need to take active steps towards a change.

I’ve also noticed, since becoming more aware of patterns and control, I can see them around me everywhere. When I think about the world where I live, and the migrants that are getting a lot of flak from people it makes me really sad.

Growing up I’ve experienced waves of different cultures move to this part of Australia. They also got a lot of flak from the locals at the time. I think we should learn to appreciate the differences in each other, no matter what that is or may be. To me, it is so important! There is so many exciting cultures in this country and so much to learn from each one.

For example, I recall the new foods that came with the different cultures when I was young. The olives, the bush tucker, tomatoes, continental cucumbers and fried rice. All of these wonderful things were new to my experience and all richly rewarding where in the past a treat for our family was simple fish and chips!

The diversity of food has expanded tenfold and nowadays we have an abundance of choice. In fact…. I think we’re spoilt for choice.  We are so lucky Australia is famous for its culinary delights and our diversity and excellence in food. Sometimes letting go of something to allow space for something new to enter can change the course of history.

I’m so happy to let go of old patterns and the need to control and I am open to the newness that life brings.  Along with that, I welcome and embrace the newcomers arriving to our shores.

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  1. You are so right Christine. I have also noticed that the two drives that get me in trouble and put me in hell are the need to control and the need to be right. These two often go together and they rarely (I would say “never” but I shy away from that word) improve a situation. I notice how friction eases, relationships improve and things flow so much more smoothly when I am willing to allow for the possibility that I might be wrong in a situation and to relinquish the need to control it. Thank you for your insightful article and your willingness to be publicly vulnerable in order to help others consider a truth that might help them.

    • Hi Larry,
      Rachael her from the Riverdell office. I can relate to your comments completely. I really love the way Christine implemented a little self check when she feels she is getting a little off track. I know I will be adopting these strategies from now on. I really appreciated her honesty.
      Blessings on your day Larry and thanks so much for your comments.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story Christine. I have been pondering this matter of control and repetitive patters myself. Can’t say I have learned all the lessons yet, but it is helpful to know i am not alone. Love and blessings from Canada.

    • Hello Nadeja,
      Rachael here from the Riverdell office. I’m so glad you enjoyed Christine’s blog. I also found it very insightful when it comes to my own repetitive patterns. Thanks so much for your comment and blessings on your day,

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