It’s all about the Simple things…..

I love a lazy wet Saturday. You know the kind of day that is cold outside and warm inside? You wake up to the sound of rain on the roof and wind blowing through the trees. The kids are still sleeping, the house is nice and quiet and you struggle to remember which day it actually is. Occasionally, a shot of panic will race through me as I try to remember if I should be out of bed and rousting the boys for school. But then, the fog clears and I remember, bless it, it’s Saturday! Rachael-Anderson-3

One of my favourite things in the morning is when, with eyes still closed, I can hear my husband moving around in the kitchen. I’m resting somewhere between wakefulness and sleep and off in the distance, I can hear the coffee machine protest as it splutters to life, smell the bacon and eggs cooking and then I hear it. The best sound to touch my ears and just after that….my heart.

My husband starts to sing. Loudly. Happily. Heartily.

He is one of those unusual creatures that wakes with a smile on his face and joy in his heart and because of both, he is moved to sing. Now, I’m pretty sure he won’t be auditioning for ‘The Voice’ anytime soon but to me, it’s the sweetest sound. He doesn’t give it much thought, it’s more spontaneous than that. He does it because he wants too not because he has to. He will simply pick a random tune, make up some words and then string them all together to make his morning melody.

He sings songs about the cat, the dog, the weather and our sons. He doesn’t care for rhymes or if he’s out of tune. He sings because he loves his life. His songs can be funny and honest, loving and kind and he does it all with a lightness of heart. His favourite subject by far… me. He sings about the things he sees and the things he loves. How sweet. How simple.

For the past 21 years this is how I have woken on most Saturday mornings. Recently, he was in the kitchen singing away and our 13 year old walked in and started to sing along with him. Together they made up some sort of tune and after a few minutes all I could hear was their laughter. The words weren’t important but the moment was.

I love the way something as simple as his singing can set the tone for the rest of my day. I know my Saturday will be playful, joyful and carefree after it starts with his song. On a cold wet Saturday we might stay in, pyjama clad, curl up on the couch and watch old movies or we might retreat to separate areas of the house, book in one hand, hot cocoa in the other with a comfortable silence settling around us as we get lost in the wonders of a story. From the beginning to the end the day takes on a lazy theme and its sheer bliss. No rushing, no hustle and bustle. How sweet. How simple.

In our house on a Saturday night we have a family tradition that we hold dear. Its homemade pizza night. The four of us will meet in the kitchen and together we create a taste sensation. We laugh and joke around and there may even be a song about putting cheese on a pizza. It doesn’t matter, but the time spent together does. It’s the simple things, after all,  that matter the most.

A lazy wet Saturday helps me see the pleasure I can get from an uncomplicated life and I appreciate the reminder from Mother Nature every now and then. It’s so easy to get swept up in the busyness of life and so often we overlook the simple things around us that actually make us the happiest. Maybe, for you, it’s a cool breeze on a hot day or perhaps it’s the sound of your Grandchildren’s laughter. Maybe it’s a morning walk with the dogs or maybe just maybe……. you wake to a song.

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  1. Sounds wonderful Rachael
    As football season gets under way and tipping the thing in the office, I questioned the sanity of standing out in the rain watching football with 2 of the women. Apparently there is nothing like being under a poncho with a soggy pie in 1 hand and rain splashing into a can of coke in the other? and then to come home and replay it if the team won or delete it immediately if they didn’t. So while I seem to be missing the football gene, I can appreciate how pleasurable these rituals can be, and perhaps be a bit more tolerant in the grip of footy season.

  2. Hi Rachael,
    I enjoyed reading your story of an idyllic lifestyle.
    It sounds like you have mastered living in the moment-and appreciate it-long may it last!
    Blessings of Love to All

  3. It’s so lovely to read your words Rachael.. Thankyou for sharing your world. I certainly agree with you, its the simple everyday things that build a loving lasting effect on who we are, and that’s what we miss when its not there.

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