The Healing Powers In Our Hands

healing handsI’ve been trained as a doctor and had over 30 years experience as an holistic GP. I appreciate all that modern medicine can provide – AND I also know there are approaches to healing that contribute to wellbeing which are not part of medicine.  One of these is energy healing methods, like Attunement and Reiki.

The medical model largely works on diagnosing what’s wrong in the chemistry of the body or organ function, or what’s wrong based on what shouldn’t be in the body – then medications or surgery are prescribed.   It principally works upon the “seeing is believing” approach – if something can’t be seen or felt, doctors will often say “there’s nothing wrong”.

Here’s the catch. Before anything can be seen, there are changes in a person’s electromagnetic field, the energy field that surrounds us all.  Working with these changes is what energy healing is about.  The best known such method is Reiki, involving hands on healing and directing life force energy to areas of concern in the body.

Attunement takes a very different approach.  Rather than starting with what’s wrong,  Attunement starts with what’s right in our bodies.   And what’s fundamentally right about us is that we are connected to a Source of love, power, wisdom, vitality and radiance – the Source of Life itself.   It’s obvious when the energy of Life has left the body – that’s a corpse.  If you are reading this, you are alive, and connected to that Source of Life – it’s in you right now.

Attunement amplifies your connection with Source.  Attunement is a specific non-touch technique using the hands to focus on balancing the endocrine glands.  These glands are focal points of connection with Source, and this focus allows an amplification of the healing energy of Source in specific ways.   When you are aligned with these healing energies, your life is more “on track” and you feel a sense that “all is well” – regardless of the personal issues you might have on your plate.   Maintaining that “all is well” experience leads to a more joyful and fulfilling life and may contribute to healing at a physical level.

At Riverdell Spiritual Centre, where I live and work as the Program Director, you can come and experience attunements, and we offer attunement training. Through our one year program, you can learn to share attunements confidently.   Here’s how some of our current trainees define Attunement:

  • “A healing practice used to bring a person’s energy levels into balance and to enhance health and wellbeing.”   Greg
  • “Attunement is a non-touch energy practice restoring balance in our body, mind and spirit.  It focuses on the endocrine glands and works with the energy field of the body.” Jewels
  • “It is a non-touch energy alignment technique allowing an enhanced state of harmonious functioning of our glandular system, mind, body and soul, via our energy channels which have as their master the spirit of Love radiating from its source through the pineal gland seated at the crown of our head.”  Rita

And here’s what people said was their greatest learning in attending the last Introduction to Attunement day:

  • “To go where I’ve never been, I have to do what I’ve never done.”  Julie
  • “Believing I was spiritual enough to share attunements. ” Michelle
  • “I am a Being of Love.”  Raymond
  • “Understanding the endocrine system more and other techniques.”  Christine

We are born for this greatness.   We have power in the Source of Life within us which can flow through our hands to enhance our experience of life day by day and over the long term.   Come on this journey of reconnecting with your inner powers and greatness!

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