“Don’t Tell Me a Story!”

This afternoon I took myself for a brisk walk in the local area. I hadn’t gone far when I came across an egg carton lying open on the road and several broken eggs both in and around it. Twenty metres further on was a Ruth-French-1poultry farm. “Someone has put the carton of eggs they’ve bought on top of their car and then forgotten them. As they’ve turned left out of the driveway the eggs slid to disaster.” That was the story I created. While it may have been plausible, and it briefly entertained my mental capacity as I walked along, the conclusions we draw from a set of facts – and their presumed effects – are not always so innocent.

With recently renewed interest in clear communication, I’ve noticed how I can so easily go from the Facts I know about an incident, to a Story I’ve created. It may be a silent story I’m telling myself about myself, it may be an expectation about the impact of plans, or the reasons why a particular outcome occurred. Byron Katie’s famous question comes to mind. “Is That True?” I’m getting more alert to noticing when I’m creating a story. I revert to the facts, and acknowledge that the rest is a story – out of the conglomerate of my subconscious and past experiences. Let me be awake in this moment to ‘What Is!’ now.

Some say that the only exercise some humans get is ‘jumping to conclusions’! In Michelle Stanton’s book “The Timeless World” she proposes experiencing “Sensing What Is”. Experience fully, without labelling or judging, the sensation at the forefront of your awareness in this moment. The sensations are that which your 5 sense organs perceive (sight, sound, taste, smell, touch), and including your thoughts and emotions. This brings you right into the present moment; you have your own experience now! Michelle speaks of the human habit of immediately interpreting what we perceive with the sense organs into “like and dislike”, and “want and don’t want”. She proposes simply experiencing the sensations without any interpretation; simply experience and let them be!

There is wonderful freedom to be known in coming to the Present Moment and noting the facts in whatever is happening. Notice also the story that may currently be circulating in your consciousness about these facts. A useful exercise is to perceive the story, and mentally argue for its opposite in your mind!! Or imagine how the story may be from the perspective of another. Get your Detective Magnifying Glass out and check. Enjoy the freedom as you release the story and allow space for the gifts Life is bringing through whatever is your current circumstance.

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