Don’t Die With Your Song Unsung

How inspiring are some of the folk on the reality TV talent shows!  I’ve just been watching a You Tube clip of Jack Carroll, a 14 yr old comedian with cerebral palsy, on Britain’s Got Talent.  Boy, he’s funny – and poignant.

Recently, a friend alerted me to an article entitled “The Hidden Antidote To Depression”     Here’s a few lines from it – It is no secret that depression is a worldwide epidemic, but did you know that a hidden cause of depression is the fear of self-expression? If you often sacrifice self-expression in exchange for acceptance, appreciation or approval – or to avoid negative consequences like rejection or conflict – you may become depressed”

This got me thinking.  How easy it is to be “good” so we don’t rock the boat in some way – for ourselves or for others, particularly people who matter to us.  Being “good” can mean this sort of sacrifice of self-expression.   Whilst it’s wise to be discerning about with whom we reveal our tenderness as we continue to grow, being “good” can mean not speaking up when we need to, AND not sharing what’s most true of ourselves – our unique song, your unique gift to the world – the essence of you.   The result could be that we die with our song unsung, leaving the world a poorer place.

What’s needed to sing our song is the COURAGE to be ourselves.  The word courage comes from the French word Coeur, meaning heart.  Having courage is a matter of the heart.  It’s the inner strength to overcome the self-doubts, fears, self-criticisms and so forth that can imprison us in a limited expression of ourselves.  How sad that is!  And how wonderful when we find the way to break free of our self-imposed prison and let the beauty of our song come forth!

So what can help you sing YOUR song?

  • Acknowledge to yourself the longing inside you – it’s real.
  • Find someone with whom you can share the longing. Someone who can simply hold this with you, like a prayer of possibility
  • Let the energy of the shared longing strengthen
  • Be on the lookout for opportunities to share your song. When you’re alert to possibility, you’ll be surprised how often you opportunities occur.   Could be at a party; over a dinner; chatting to friends; texting or messaging on Facebook.
  • Look for a group that supports you and your song. This will be a group where others are singing their songs.   Spend time with them – this will increase your courage.
  • With support behind you, look for ways to step out more publicly. Yes, there’ll be fear with this AND there’ll be the joy of “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”.    Then confidence can grow within you as you see for yourself that you CAN do it – you CAN sing your song and it feels great to do so!
  • Keep doing more of that. A sense of life fulfilment follows.

As more and more people sing their songs, the world lights up with beauty and harmony and the choir of humankind begins to emerge.   Wouldn’t you rather be part of that choir than getting depressed because you’re not singing your song?   To get a glimpse of how beautiful this could be, check out Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

I want that for myself, my family and friends.   I welcome you to join me in letting the song in your heart come forth and together, let’s form that choir in which everyone has a place.

Here’s to the ease & joy in Life


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