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David Karchere and Maureen Waller, with the help of our own Dr Andrew Horwood facilitated this amazing one day workshop in practical ways to deal with change.  The big take home message from this is that ‘change is what goes on around us, what goes on within us is transition’.  Subtle yet powerful words, I think.  How do they sit with you?

During the course of the day we undertook group activities as a whole as well as breaking off into some small group exercises.  The most powerful of the day for me was the idea of my old self writing my current self some words of wisdom and advice.  So my 60 year old self had a bit to say and here I will share these words of advice:

“Whatever happens in your life remember life will go on and you will be ok.  Remember the things that are important to you.  Give them your time.  Your time is the most valuable thing you will ever have in this life, don’t waste it.  Be wise where you invest it.

Getting angry or resentful is a waste of time.  Use that time to embrace the flow and ebb of life.

Trust that whatever life presents is meant for you and you will handle it and you will survive.

Fear is another waste of time.  It does nothing but paralyse you, freezing you in spaces that don’t serve you.

You know what is right for you, maybe not today at a conscious level but your intuition does.  Trust that, it will never fail you.  Accept that intuition does not always offer an explanation but things will make sense in the end.

Be guided by it in every decision you make and bless it, it will become stronger.

Bless all you have achieved and lived through, it has made you stronger than you realise.

You can achieve whatever you want in this life.  Simply decide if it is worth your time, and if it is then give it your time.  Give it your energy and blessing and it will be.”

How do you spend your time, do you invest wisely by transforming and flowing through life and it’s many changes or do you get caught up in the drama and blow it at the pokies?  If you need help with that you know where to find us!

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