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Love letter to Earth my Mother

Love letter to Earth my Mother

I came into you, landed in your realm with a rush and cry. It was a painful first-breath-cry, my world so different from the realm from which I had come.Vicki-Edwards-7

It had been a long journey you would think coming from some Starry realm. But really, it happened in a heartbeat,

took place when I noticed two loving people move together as one, allowing me to be created just precisely for your realm of life. In my birthing, you became my Earth Mother. I had two mother’s growing up.

(I see this Now in my senior years).

Yeah you, and my birth mother. Both unique in disposition: one large, rotund and continually birthing new form; the other, a young woman who reprised your elements, so to speak.

You Earth my Mother – for it is you I came to be with, love and restore to former glory. As a babe, it was, that I first bathed in your fecund atmosphere, my birth mother’s arms encircling. I gurgled and shit, burped, laughed, the air around me living alive, breathing with me, into me as I filled my little lungs each moment.

Growing up in your encompassing girth, I rushed, ran, jumped hurdles, danced, rolled down grassy slopes which prickled and tickled. Laughter poured from lips open wide. Mud made loud sucking noises and I sank up to the ankles. When I pulled my feet free, I proudly wore your mud socks for a while.

I knew innately your living energy was my Giver




Water silkily slid over my body. At other times, its bubbles burst round my sun-hot form as I catapulted down waves rushing shoreward

to dump me

amidst wee

grains of sand.

I knew then innately you loved me, plucked me like strumming a harp, held me even as you dumped me hard on occasion!

Above all though, Love was your purpose which you gave unconditionally, as creations poured from out your great belly.

Growing up further, I lost connection, lost the deep unspoken Reverence of your bounty. Now, life has come full circle and words tumble into this blog, of gratitude for lessons learned through you.

You, I, we are alive because every part of your great rotundity, is birthed by you

from you

in you

in me. Me in you.

The skipping stones my youth threw in competition, lived and breathed in their own unique way. It was your force which changed stone into small, round, flat pieces, just right for the skimming.

The sky is alive

tree is alive




bears to microbes.

Earth My Mother, I too dive, float, sing in and among your endless creations though I have slowed Now and in slowing, know Now the full Generosity of your giving.

We share the one thing that matters. Creator’s magic.



Perhaps there never will be a time When no more tears grace our cheeks. One thing I know for sure – Love never dies. She is every nook and cranny of mind and heart and limb And tree and mountain rearing skyward. Always the skyward reach, reaching upward So that in the end there is…Continue Reading



Wherever, however I encounter you As soul music You greet my heart My very beingness, Arouses ever The song I am That needs be sung. I thank you, Oh Beloved, precious flower Your sun brings forth Inspiring to multiply Forevermore your glory To be so honoured To hold your breath In this my hull You…Continue Reading


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