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One of the questions that frequently arise in energy work and meditation is how to be less impacted by the energies of others.  For instance, many people feel drained after visiting a shopping centre or after being with people who are experiencing emotional intensity.    This is something I have also struggled with myself from time to time so I have given it a lot of consideration.

I know many people opt for the energy protection method, placing mirrors or light around themselves so that they are in an energetic bubble.  Whilst this may work for a time, I actually believe we expend a lot of our own energy by doing this.  In other words, not only do we have to place a boundary around ourselves, which requires energy to create and which may also cut us off from “positive” energies, we also have to keep the boundary there by regularly putting it back in place.

In any case, we live in a connected world and so it really is almost impossible to separate ourselves completely from the energy of others unless perhaps we move to a desert island, and even then our sensitivities are not completely immune to world energy patterns.

I actually believe we are here to experience the energies of our world – this helps us to become wise about energies and in the process we discover more about ourselves, discern what energies are supportive, what energies are not healthy and how to work effectively within a variety of energy environments.  The knack in all this is to allow the energies that are not congruent with our own energies to flow through us without absorbing them and making them our own.

So just how do we maintain our own energetic health and integrity whilst letting unwanted energies flow through us?

Actually we are incredibly powerful beings with an inbuilt ability to manage our own energies.  What has occurred for most of us over time is that we have lost or forgotten this natural ability.  We have given away our power to others or gotten a little sloppy with our own energetic housekeeping. When this happens energies stick to us rather than flowing on through.

The good news is that there are steps that can be taken to support our inner radiance and help us to stay centred energetically.

  • Build your energetic vitality every day. This can be done in a number of ways such as regular meditation, Donna Eden energy exercises, morning and evening sanctification, Attunement, being in nature or places of great beauty along with a host of other things.  Find out what works best for you.  When you are strong energetically you are unlikely to take on others’ energies or to be impacted by them.
  • Become more authentically yourself. Know what is true for you and do it.  Do not let yourself be swayed by the beliefs, thoughts or behaviours of others.  Stand tall and true to yourself and your energy will be strong.
  • Let go of old emotional patterns and beliefs. These are the most likely to impact the free flow of your own energy field and to leave the door wide open for the energies of others to land and stay.
  • Take time regularly to be alone, either in nature, or somewhere restorative where you can discharge any unwanted accumulated energies and built your own energy field.
  • Express daily gratitude for everything in your life. This builds radiant circuits in your body and supports you to understand that there is a Divine Plan for everything.  When you have this understanding deep in your cells you are less likely to be pulled off centre by external events and you’ll also be able to discern those things that are yours to say and do and be.  Not only are you saving your energies by being your wise self, you are also saying to the Divine “I know you have this issue in hand and I trust you to come up with the perfect solution”.
  • Finally there will just be times when you ARE actually impacted by the energies of others, or energies of larger world patterns. Perhaps you are really tired or have experienced a challenging event in your life.  The moment you become aware that you are impacted in this way and that the energies are not yours, stop and take time to acknowledge that.  Bring light to the energy and then with a blessing for everyone and everything involved (including yourself), instruct them to return from whence they came.  And by offering a blessing, the returning energies will be softer and gentler, and able to be worked with in more creative ways.

These are some of the ways to support yourself and I am sure that with discernment you will be able to find many others. However, I would like to reiterate that we are all incredibly powerful beings and actually nothing can impact us without our allowing it to be so in some way.

We are naturally radiant and when we operate from this awareness, we are the ones who have an impact on the world around us, rather than being impacted by that world.  And, through our own powerful energy, we invite others to join us in this field of radiance and build their own energetic strength.

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