Being Who You Are – The Joy of It


Wow – what a success!  We had a wonderful day sharing with some old friends, and some new ones.  The feedback on this day has been overwhelmingly good so we thought we would share some:love2012

I recently took part in the Being Who You Are workshop at Riverdell, again I walked away feeling amazing, content, loved and truly happy as I always do when I visit Riverdell.
Personally I feel that workshops like this help reinforce my beliefs, provide guidance and help me understand my spiritual journey. Being able to share this with like minded people in a safe and non judgemental environment is something that I am extremely grateful for. It is important for me to be able to have these opportunities to take the time to be who I am. – Linda

I attended the course Being Who You Are held at Riverdell on Saturday 3rd August and I am so glad that I made the effort to book and attend. I enjoyed the content of the course immensely, it was informative, fun and the group exercises we did were surprisingly powerful and enlightening, I felt validated and heard. To be with a group of loving like-minded people in a very non-judgmental way is very healing and I learnt so much, I loved the chanting and attunements, I could feel the powerful vibrations of the beautiful chants right through my entire body.

My experience of the course was rich and rewarding, at the end I felt expanded, grateful, happy and on a natural high. I couldn’t wait to share my experiences with my family when I got home. Thankyou to all the wonderful people at Riverdell who make these experiences possible. Joanne Hahn.

Some of the other shorter comments include:

  • I liked the sense of reassurance from like minded people.
  • I felt validated and heard and accepted.
  • I learnt to appreciate and listen to my heart intelligence more closely.
  • I learnt that there is scientific hard evidence that affirms heart consciousness.  It just makes complete sense

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