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How I Have Changed Since Coming To Riverdell

How I Have Changed Since Coming To Riverdell

Shandell Tregaskis July 15How have I changed since coming to Riverdell Spiritual Centre?  Well, this really got me thinking as I didn’t think I had.  But I’ve been told that I have!

So let’s go back to the start.  Why did I come to Riverdell and what was I looking for?

I just had my 2nd child by Cesearean section.  I also had a 3yr old girl and hubby to look after at home.  I was lucky to have my In-laws come over from New Zealand to help with the family. They were a big help, but all good things must come to an end and it was time for them to go home.

The combination of having my little family and just moving up to Gawler to our own house made me happy to a mother and I had a new house to make a home.  It all sounds good, hey?  But I didn’t realise it at the time – I was lonely and maybe had a bit of postnatal depression.   There was a missing link.  Yes, I went a mothers group and play groups  but I was looking for real friendship – people like me who understood me.  At first, then, Riverdell was about connecting with likeminded people, not knowing I would be making lifelong friends.  More than friends – that are like family.

I started going to Sunday Service and then did a course called Attunement With Life.  This led me to  finding my passion for the energy healing practice called Attunement.   I also discovered new things about myself too!

I am now an Attunement practitioner and, after training, teach yoga for Kids.  I love it!

What have I learnt from Riverdell?

  • Whatever our age, it’s NEVER too late to learn.
  • Through learning, I can teach new things.
  • I have gifts to share with the world
  • There are places where I can feel like I’m at home, with family.
  • My two children love coming to Riverdell too, as there is a diverse age group of people there.  I feel it’s important that children learn from being with spiritual people and this way of thinking .

I truly feel that I am coming into my true self and I see things in a different way now.   Coming to Riverdell, with all that’s been given to me leading to the changes in myself, I now can see my dream unfold.







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