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When I Think Of Riverdell

When I Think Of Riverdell

Moira McDougall July 2015When I think of Riverdell, I remember the sensation of Homecoming.

In the Beginning…..I had been connected to the people at Riverdell through my involvement in The Creative Field Program and the online newsletter Awakenings.  It was wonderful to feel connected to fellow Emissaries again, after having left my South African community when I relocated to New Zealand.


Fast forward a few years……. the opportunity arose to actually visit Riverdell to participate in The Deepening Seminar in January 2015. I was elated. Nothing prepared me for the intense emotional reaction I felt as I entered under the welcoming sign, and finally met my friends in person. I realised that the bonds we had forged were strong, loving, totally accepting, and I was embraced ‘just as I was’, unconditionally. I was able to experience once again what it means to be part of a community of loving friends who delighted in my presence and were supportive of the transformative process I was undergoing. Up to that point, I had not realised how desperately I was missing the deep friendships and connections that were part and parcel of my previous Emissary community.

How do you describe that cliché of being lost then found?  It truly happened for me! After returning to Christchurch, the bonds of friendship strengthened, and the support from my Riverdell friends was unwavering. I had by now also taken on the role of facilitator for a Creative Field Group in New Zealand which required that I ‘step up’ into a new role.  Once again I looked to Riverdell for guidance – to those who have walked this path and can offer me assistance and celebrate my achievements.

Could you believe that I visited Riverdell again in July 2015? I am still amazed at how events brought me back to Riverdell, to attend Becoming a Sun, presented by David Karchere and Keahi Ewa. A dream come true, to return to Riverdell, and also to meet David, the Spiritual Director of the Emissaries.

By now, my desire to expand our Creative Emissary Field in New Zealand was taking on a more defined form and purpose.  By sharing this vision and desire with the New Zealand Elders, David and my Riverdell Family, events are now unfolding to birth and nurture this delicate process.

Looking back on the year that was, as we do at the start of a New Year cycle, I am totally in awe of the creative cycles that I consciously set in motion, and continue to build in strength and stature. My whole life has evolved in wondrous ways:

  • to me, my Riverdell friends are now my Riverdell Family
  • I have moved on from a corrosive long term work situation
  • I have grown and developed spiritual muscle and stamina
  • I have developed leadership qualities
  • I have become self assured in my Spiritual Orientation and practices
  • I have a global family connected by, and in, the Creative Field
  • I have learned to ask for, and accept, assistance.
  • And most importantly, I have learned that


What will this new cycle bring?

More deep friendship, sharing experiences that make me laugh and cry, opening my heart wider to receive all that my Family bring into our collective Creative Fields……

The opportunity for deep reflection on matters close to my heart, and also to feel joyful, playful and light hearted.

Riverdell and her people mean different things to different people. To me, Riverdell represents coming home, feeling ‘at home’.  Grateful thanks and Blessings to the land, the buildings, the people and the Spirit of Home.





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