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Sacred Sound – FEEL the Vibration

Sacred Sound – FEEL the Vibration

I like to think of myself as a sacred musician and not just a drummer. To me, a sacred musician is one who works with the universe to bring healing sound vibrations to the planet and its people. I can still remember the first Matthew-Kuhn-1time I heard my first Native American drum and it was an experience that touched me so deeply I have since dedicated my life to the sacred art of drumming.

Science has shown that everything is vibrating, even things that look solid.  Even us!  We now know that the vibrations of our environment affect us.  And over the ages, vibration has been used by native peoples as a vital part of their culture in ceremonies and healing.  In Australia, the didgeridoo and rhythm sticks capture the vibration of this land and many cultures use drumming for the same purpose.

I have spent the last 11 years growing as a healer, teacher and mastering my craft of drumming. All this has led me to start my own business, Whitefeather Drumming, and I now hold workshops, drumming meditations and sound healings nationally. These events embrace the holistic healing power of the drums and it brings me a great sense joy to facilitate them.

Drumming gives people an opportunity to experience life from a vibrational perspective.

Through it we create natural and personal rhythms that merge into pure healing vibrations. This has not only an effect on the individual or group but also on the whole planet

My workshops include smudging ceremonies, sacred drumming meditations, sound workshops and time for chanting and the best part is, no experience is necessary. Anyone and everyone can enjoy a drumming experience and I have witnessed people from as young as 4 right up to 80 year olds participating in these activities.  And drumming breaks down all social barriers – we are all equal when we gather in a circle.

I enjoy using a variety of different musical instruments when hosting an event because I believe they each bring a different healing quality with them.  I like to use a variety of different drums, Native American style rattles and also rhythm, rain and jingle sticks. Participation is about having fun and enjoying this unique experience. People can participate as little or as much as they like and some people just simply enjoy lying down and letting the vibrations infuse their being. It’s all about letting the “good vibes” in and I’m always amazed by how much people enjoy this feeling. A common effect is that people can and do smile during the creative process of creating their unique rhythm with a drum. I like to playfully add this warning sometimes, Warning- Drumming can and will cause happiness, joy and laughter!

On May 28th I will be holding an overnight drumming event at Riverdell called Sacred Sounds – FEEL the Vibration. This event will see participants drumming under the stars whilst enjoying a camp-fire in the Dell before camping out for the evening. Sunday morning will see us engage in a breaking of the Dawn sunrise meditation.

This will be an amazing opportunity to participate in a drumming workshop whilst enjoying the glorious natural surroundings of Riverdell.

You will gain much from this amazing Sacred Sound weekend so why not come along and FEEL- the Vibration.


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