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The Magic of Riverdell

The Magic of Riverdell

Kylie Douglas July 2015Looking back over my life journey since coming to Riverdell, the past three years has been a time of much personal growth and healing I’ve probably ever done in my life. What drew me to Riverdell was a desire to find somewhere that I could learn meditation, to help in healing from some pretty painful life experiences. I had always been very interested in mind, body and spirit books but felt the need to know more, to delve deeper.


I was longing to learn more about spiritual practices and then someone told me about Riverdell which at the time, coincidentally was only over the road from where I was living. I went to Riverdell and was met with much warmth and love as soon as I arrived onto their sanctuary. The area had a very tranquil feel and I could not wait to come back for more.

I began attending a regular meditation class weekly and found strength and support in the team that worked and resided there. I found friendship and mentoring in the most heartfelt way. I found a sense of belonging to other like-minded people that I had never felt before. I now have so many wonderful caring friends, and so much love in my life. I have created bonds with people that I will have forever but the most amazing part is looking back over how much I have grown over the years.

When I first came here, I was severely lacking in self-love and confidence. Attracting unhealthy relationships continuously, which I soon learnt had a lot to do with my lack of self-worth and love. I mostly only knew how to focus on all the negatives of my life, and couldn’t see much else. What I know now is that I can recognize my worth and my value as a person. I know how to care for myself in a loving way, and to create a space for myself that is nurturing and loving. I respect myself a whole lot more and have so much more self-confidence. I can recognize that it is up to me to speak up and say what I want and need in my life.

I have a new found strength and passion for life that I most certainly lacked in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I still make mistakes and I am always learning (I am human after all ) but I am awake and watching what life is offering me. I see the beauty and positives in each day, and can recognize the importance of love for myself and people I care about. I can recognize when something or someone is not healthy for what I want in my life and I have the strength to make the right choices as to what I allow in my life. I have pride in myself and my life.

I now know that when I change the way I look at life, and what kind of outlook I have on the world around me, I attract a more positive environment to myself. I am amazed at the beautiful people and experiences I draw to myself just by having a positive outlook on my world. I am mostly always happy and having fun. I feel excited about life where as before I came to Riverdell I really didn’t like life much at all. I always have people tell me, how much I have changed for the better and continually receive positive feedback from people in my life. I have even had someone say,, ” wow what are you doing, your simply glowing”  I used to be a bit of an introvert, was not much into socializing and kept to myself but now I am always out socializing with people and enjoying life.

I look back at how far I have come and grown and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Who was I way back then, I don’t even recognize that person, I have changed so much it’s absolutely amazing. I actually love me and I can say that with all my might! I actually never used to be much of a hugger either, but I can definitely say now that I love hugs as I get many when I go to Riverdell, and they are filled with warmth and love.

I have attended many workshops and retreats at Riverdell and they have added to how much I have grown as a person now. I am a single mum, and with only one income coming in have found the different workshops and retreats affordable, and have found the team approachable about the costs and payments of these activities. They are always reasonable and helpful. Some of the workshops I have attended over the past three years as I’ve been able to are:

  • The regular Sunday service
  • Attunement training
  • Live your truth
  • Morning and evening meditation groups
  • Becoming a sun
  • Weekend working bees
  • Receiving Attunements
  • Spiritual mentoring
  • Just be afternoons
  • Morning teas with yummy food and great conversations
  • Open days/ family days
  • Celebrating Earth’s Sacred Cycles

I have volunteered in the kitchen preparing meals and setting up for meals for events, and also assisted with kids Yoga. Something I have greatly enjoyed is meeting other spiritual mentors from around the world, particularly Sunrise Ranch in Colorado. It’s great to know I have wonderful friends from the other side of the world.

The workshops I have attended have been so intensely loving that they have moved me to tears. When you’re in a room full of people that you feel an enormous bond with and you can stare deeply in to each and everyone’s eyes and see nothing but pure love staring back at you, and that is without using words, that is life changing for me. Something I have never experienced in my life ever.  I am so thankful and grateful for all that I have been offered at Riverdell and all the love and support I have received. Riverdell is certainly a magical place and full of angels.  I look forward to continuing my journey at Riverdell for many years to come. Why not come along and see for yourself







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