Riverdell Attunement SchoolWhat is Attunement ?

Attunement is no mystery.   Every time you show love, care or send a blessing to another person, you are sharing the essence of attunement – a gift of Love from you to another person.   And you can learn to make this life giving flow more conscious and focused so it becomes richer in your life and in the lives of others.

Attunement is a non-touch spiritual alignment practice that increases the experience of your inner Spirit – the invisible, animating life energy that flows through every being, forming an energy field.  Moreover, it’s an approach to living your life.

Attunement  focuses on what’s going RIGHT in your body, mind and spirit and turning up the light on these to return to a state of ease in the energy field – which is the natural state for which we are designed.

This is a defining contrast to most energy medicine practices, which seek to identify what’s missing and apply an energetic remedy.  In Attunement there is nothing to fix.  Rather, by increasing a state of ease, conditions of dis-ease can be influenced and displaced and there is a greater experience of the wellness we are designed to know.   With this emphasis on what is right, Attunement feels natural and “true”.  Increasing balance, health, well-being, power and wholeness all flow naturally from this.

We are compiling a video to demonstrate Attunement.  Meantime, take a look at these still photos at Emissary Attunement Guild website


Attunement is a non-touch technique in which a radiant energy current is directed to specific areas of the body.   The foundational technique focuses on the endocrine glands – pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, Islets of Langerhans (in the pancreas), adrenals and reproductive organs.  These glands connect spiritual and physical dimensions of the body and Attunement amplifies the flow of energy between these.

Each endocrine gland is intimately connected with one of the major chakras.  Attunement can also be used to balance these energy centres as well as other anatomical systems – eg long bone, lymphatic, nervous system, etc.

Attunement is a shared experience between the giver and receiver and usually takes 25-30 minutes.

To download the Attunement brochure, click here.

For more detail of the history, philosophy and technique of Attunement see Wikipedia article

Suggested donation = $20

Who comes for Attunement?

Typically, people feel prompted to have Attunements as things happen in their lives:

  • Stress- helping slowing down, reflection and renewal
  • Physical symptoms or diseases
  • A sense that there’s more to Life than has been known
  • Wanting to deepen spiritual awareness

and many other reasons.   Everyone can benefit from Attunement!

Attunement sharing side view 2.

Where can I enjoy Attunement?

Riverdell Spiritual Centre

  • Receive an individual Attunement offered by a certified Attunement Practitioner at Riverdell  – suggested donation $20.
  • Group Attunements are shared each Sunday Morning at Riverdell and are offered freely.
  • With Practitioners around Australia and New Zealand.  Fees usually apply.

South Australia

  1. Gawler.  Christine Spencer—Attunement & Reflexology. Ph. 0412 813 700.
  2. Greenock.  Cynthia Helbig—Attunement & Bowen therapy. Ph.0409 908 235

New South Wales

  1. Canberra.  Cheyne Morris.  Ph. 0424 015 917

What people say about Attunement

  • My first attunement was a truly amazing experience, nothing like I had ever experienced before. The facilitator was very caring and sincere and provided a comfortable and safe environment. She explained the process to me fully and guided me through it with ease.I could feel an energy build up and pulsate throughout my body, gently opening up emotional blockages, and this process then continued on its own accord for the remainder of the day. I had also gained a number of enlightening personal insights during the attunement and these proved very beneficial to my personal and spiritual development.
  • I highly recommend regular attunements to everyone as part of their ongoing personal development.
  • Life is about change. How can we move with Life’s direction and change gracefully? In my experience, having undertaken a major life transition in recent years, I’ve found that regular attunement has allowed me to relax into Life’s flow and let go. This, in turn, has resulted in me becoming the butterfly that was held in potential as I crawled around as a caterpillar. Thanks ++ to attunement!
  • My first attunement was a very relaxing, loving and joyful experience.




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