At the End of Darkness

SunriseAt the end of darkness is the Light.



their intertwining the Dance of Life.

Sunrise taught me this.

As I watched from a place inside,

it radiated, incrementally deepened the sky

from washed out to pale blue.

The trees, blackened shapes initially,

formed before my eyes, black becoming bark,

the Light rising until they became round.



a leaf shaped, shivering in the dawn,

it’s hold yet tenuous in the day.

The leaf was there all night in its place,

on a branch, with the others it had stayed.


Sunrise triggered buried memories –

how to emerge out from my darkest hour.

Like dawn dawning

I had to remain active, allowing;

having acknowledged darkness’s pressure,

by being in the nascent moment,

dark took its course.


I freed myself from domination of unknowing.

I remembered,

at the end of darkness, Light defers


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