Among Dawn

Among dawn

Kookaburra cackles

waking tree.

snuggled worm feels earth’s pulse


Feels kooka’s calling

and rouses.


When we rise at dawn

have we heard

Is it because we heard

The Call?



Our bones know.

There is no time they don’t.

Strange that.

how we can know



How many times do we feel

The Calling

in our being

and stride toward greatness

then trip on our way.


we turn away from

The Light.

from Love

For a while

tumbled in darkness

we say some words


And you know, it’s all okay.

that self-same element of darkness

is the self-same of lightness




Yes you know they aren’t bad.


take a look, turn the coin over

there see,

snugged on the other side

is its wholeness.

the weeping is joyful

the anger that drove you

Is loving.


These words tumble out

among dawn

and kooka’s laughing.

thank you kookaburra

for your clarion call.

I have

We have heard

and now stirred to keep journeying

Into our gowns of greatness.



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