Allow Let Listen – The Miracle of Silence

file0002026188522Silence. Oh the miracle of silence, having that quiet space to think, more importantly, just be and let the moments slide by as they will without any agenda. No children, no work, no dishes or gardening to do.

In our world today, silence is something of an anomaly. It is what we seek, yet too often avoid, or just don’t take time out for.

Allow. Let. Listen.

Practising silence, provides an opportunity for reconnection with the Inner Self, that part which allows deep inner knowing – we are spiritual beings having a human experience – to emerge.

Past Miracle of Silence meditation afternoons at Riverdell have centred around being in silence with participants choosing from material set out for them. For some, it proved uncomfortable, excruciating, to have a block of time ahead and have to choose what and how to manage it! Others loved the freedom of being able to choose how they wanted to use their time in silence.

In upcoming Miracle of Silence afternoons I would like to encourage discussion round the topic – “What is silence? What does it mean for each one of us? Why would we want/choose to be in silence?”

We are all uniquely created, individuated sparks of creation, each having unique gifts to bring to the world. As unique individuals, silence implies something different for everyone. Exploring the meaning of silence as it impacts the individual, creates an understanding of what each participant requires. In this way everyone will receive the most from the afternoon.

An innate aspect of our humanity within us is an inner place where equilibrium dwells, a space where our divinity nestles. In listening in the silence, we gain access to our divine nature.

Thus the internal preparation, the quietening, creates an atmosphere of connection once more – a connection with divine Self.

Summing up – silence contains a quality of quietness and quietness leads to the sense of peace. And, change happens within us, and our divinity meets and merges with our physical nature.

In this day and age of fast food, fast technology, fast cars, fast relationships and anything else we care to name, it is obvious that peace, quiet, silence are qualities hard to come by.

In my own experience, being in silence nourishes the poet in me, reveals wild spaces of Self where I can, and do, revisit places of inner knowing long forgotten; where I discover – I am Creators child. I don’t have to go anywhere, just find me, find mySelf, and Be it!

Riverdell is a haven for abundant bird life, a placid river which runs between banks overhung by River Gums which are hundreds of years old, a sanctuary environment enabling reflection and renewal for all. It is here that we offer you an opportunity to take time out and let yourself ‘be’, or ‘Be’ spelled with a capital letter!

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