What People Say About Riverdell

How can we describe in words the impact of our lives changing so we feel the Spirit we are in the midst of our human experience?   Here’s what five people wrote about that:

  1. Shandell Tregaskis, from Gawler, notices how she’s changed since coming to Riverdell
  2. Kylie Douglas, from Gawler, looks at her transformation over three years of coming to Riverdell
  3. James Swatman, from northern NSW, who came for a retreat in Jan 2016
  4. Joanne Hahn, from Gawler, reflecting upon the changes in herself in the past year
  5. Moira McDougall, from Christchurch, New Zealand, discovering a sense of home at Riverdell
The Deepening Jan 2015 - participants and faculty
The Deepening Jan 2015 – participants and faculty
  • The Deepening is such a rich experience in understanding what a human being is about. The most empowering time of my life. CS – Gawler
  • I have found The Deepening to be life changing as it has given me a chance to re-language old injuries. I now have a new way to look at myself. I took the opportunity of The Deepening to heal myself of deep hurt from my childhood that has been impacting my whole life. I participated fully and have been well rewarded. I have been healed on both the mental and the feeling level. The spiritual tools that I am taking away with me will be well used in the future.   HS – Cape Town
  • The Deepening is 8 days of both mystery and mastery. The mystery is in the sacred environment that is created, in the ritual and in the power of the spiritual principles that are shared. The mastery is in the actual processes and variety of exercises that support full integration of the ‘mystery’ into the physical. This is a powerful spiritual course that is very grounded. Phil and Ruth are masterful in their teaching, drawing on an extensive pool of knowledge. I am deeply grateful to have shared this sacred time.  CH – Greenock
  • Participating in The Deepening facilitated an opening of my heart, to allow a remembering of my spiritual purpose and connections. In part, this change was brought about by being able to confront perceived limitations and habitual thinking, in order to explore opportunities to increase my radiation of love. A couple of steps to nurture this change include a commitment to spiritual practices that nourish me, and curiosity as I continue my transformation process. Grounding and honing my emerging spiritual growth when I return to my usual daily routine could provide challenges as I move into my next cycle.
  • My commitment is to continue to build on this work. I welcome support in the form of encouragement and contact from my group and Faculty, both in sharing of inspiration and projects on-the-go. The Deepening provides a real, and rare, opportunity to creatively explore and deepen the relationship between self and Creator, in a safe and nurturing environment.  MM – New Zealand
  • Tomorrow I return to work and another aspect of my life. Yet, I feel quite centred and determined – a positive testament to the Deepening. Quite an unassuming course for the impact that it had.  SF – Melbourne


This conference was filled with inspiration, creativity and fun.

Creative Field Conference Whole Person Whole World

Here’s what participants had to say:

  • The time has been truly uplifting and inspiring.  It was wonderful to be appreciated for myself.
  • Wonderful atmosphere and a lot of love.
  • I appreciated the wide range of presenters.
  • A big thank you for this amazing experience.
  • So great to be with like-minded people, to be spiritually nourished.  It came at the right time for me.  I feel I can now move on, accept and follow my passion with renewed vigour and confidence.
  • Riverdell is beautiful.  The people are friendly and accepting.  The setting is lush & lovely.  The conference was well-planned.
  • I feel so blessed and privileged to have attended this conference.
  • Very inspiring and joyful.
  • Thank you to all the staff and presenters for making this a wonderful experience.
  • I have a renewed sense of hope and passion for the regeneration of our world.
  • Thanks for the great healthy food.
  • I came for spiritual refreshment and got it in spades.


Sharing at Setting Creative Intentions

33 people attended this event and below are some of their greatest learnings from the day:

  • I was reminded of the sacredness of my path, my journey.
  • Anything is possible and to believe in myself more.
  • Understanding where other people are coming from.
  • That we all have the power within us to have a good life.
  • To continue to be true to myself and to communicate my truths to others more freely.
  • What is restricting me and how to overcome this.
  • Sharing my deepest thoughts is freeing.  Sharing the love makes me cry.
  • A reminder that we are all on the same journey.
  • Journalling is a good tool to bring out what is inside.
  • To pay attention and be conscious of my actions and thoughts.
  • How deep down inside we are all really one, the same, and long to be in peace and in love with life.

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